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Graduation Party Decorations and its Significance

Posted by rafael on September 19, 2012 in News

One of the most important moments in anyone’s life is graduation. Particularly, in the case of professionals it is a quite significant occasion, considering it represents the culmination point of an essential stage in their life: the completion of a university degree. Since graduation also probably implies the last chance to share some moments with university friends, it is quite common among young people and their families, to organize graduation parties, where all graduates gather together and spend a wonderful time.

Commonly, graduation parties take place after official graduation ceremonies. Once the official ceremony ends and everyone received medals and diplomas, graduates go to a party where they share their happiness with family and friends. For graduates this is a moment for celebration and relaxation after years of hard study and stress.

Usually parents are in charge for organizing this kind of parties and they try to become them in a unforgettable and unique event that would leave indelible memories in all guests. Of course there are different types of graduation parties. Some of them are fairly formal and serious, a sort of reception activity, where a buffet is served, a chamber musical group performs classic music, and typically, parents give away a graduation ring to his graduate son or daughter.

Nevertheless, a recent trend in graduation parties comprises several graduates’ parents raising funds and collaborating with the organization, coordination and party details. These are the kind of parties young graduate enjoy more, since they are not like official activities and allow them to celebrate, listening and dancing loud music while having fun.

However, although this kind of parties are more informal than the first ones, as any other social activity they require a lot of effort in order everything goes as expected. Next we are offering some tips for organizing a graduation party.

Graduation Party Organization

The first thing to consider is the number of people (graduates, family members, friends, other guests, etc.) that will come to the party. This information is essential to ponder where it would be held. Once you have this figure, you can move on and define the place for the party.

There are several available options, like the house of one of the graduates, a restaurant, a club, a ballroom, among others. Nevertheless, what you should keep in mind is that no matter the place you chose, it should have enough space to accommodate all participants, furniture (tables, chairs, etc.), food, drinks, music equipments, and space for dancing as well.

Another important issue is invitations. Since these parties are characterized by the participation of numerous young people eager to have fun, dance, make jokes, etc., the atmosphere is highly festive, and for parents it is important trying to keep things under control. The idea is to ensure the flow of attendees to the party is limited to those that are really invited, and not opening the doors to any unknow person. Of course, invitations should be sent at least 2 months before the party’s date.

A further issue is linked to food and drinks. Essentially, meals and drinks for a graduation party are not too different from other beverages and snacks that are usually offered in other parties. Nonetheless, it is essential not to forget that in graduation parties a specially designed cake is given away to graduates, for complementing them.

For the rest, heavy appetizers, such as meatballs, shrimp cocktails, rolled sausage, deviled eggs, miniature sandwiches, among others, are perfect snacks, since they are easy to eat while standing, requiring only a small plate in hand (no silverware is needed). When it comes to drinks, beer, soda, cocktails, juices, etc., suit very well people’s needs.

Regarding music, in order to guarantee dancing and fun, it is suggested to hire a great DJ or a music group, including smoke and lighting effects, illuminated trails, etc.

Graduation Party Decorations

Decoration is a significant part of a graduation party. The intention is to create a festive atmosphere, comprising the party location, foods, drinks, furniture, etc. A first idea is to elaborate or acquire a banner where the name of the graduates will be shown. The design will vary depending if graduates are males, females or both of them.

A second idea is to distribute mortarboards among graduates as a memory. These can be used by young graduates as to write good wishes to each others. As previous experiences have shown, young people like them a lot and keep them affectionately. At the same time, during party, mortarboards will contribute to photos, jokes, etc.

It is also essential to use a varied decoration all over the party location. For instance, in each table there could be a centerpiece with colored balloons showing the names of graduates or congratulations messages. The whole party tableware can also complement the party environment by using the appropriate designs, especially napkins, cups, dishes, or even using centerpieces shaped like mini black mortarboards. Decoration can also include a typical small gift tree, specially designed for people to leave gifts or presents to the honorees.

Invitations should complement decoration as well. Actually, there are several websites, party business, etc., offering invitation card’s designs linked to graduation parties, from which you can choose the one you prefer. Thus, you can decide if you would like funny invitations or those more formal and serious. There are also other aspects influencing the invitation design, for instance, if the graduates are male or female. If graduates are female it is logical to choose a feminine design, maybe based on pink or light blue colors.

However, if graduates are males, you should choose an elegant and sober design, combining, for example, black, white and blue colors. Moreover, if graduates are both, females and males, it is a good idea to opt for a neutral design. There is also the possibility for you to create your own design and send it for printing; this would add originality to the party decoration.

Decoration can even reach foods and drinks. For instance, using a decorated inflatable filled with ice for keeping beers or sodas cold is a great idea and young graduates would love it. The snack menu can also add some value to party decoration; for example, by serving fruit slices, shaped with allegorical numbers linked to graduation party (it may be the year).

If you are looking for more ideas linked to graduation party decorations, check the link belows:

Achieving graduation in every one’s life is so important and a moment of pride. Hosting graduation parties for friends are the best ways for making these moments memorable. The successful completion of graduation is an important milestone in the professional life of each individual offering them a brighter future. Various colleges and educational institutes host graduation parties during the successful completion of graduation by their students. There are also individual parties at home for the relatives and friends to enjoy the success. It is very important to make the party the very best and comfortable to all the guests.

Graduation Party Decorations and its Significance

Graduation Party Decorations and its Significance

Party planners are the best solution for making these parties more attractive and economical. There are special graduation party decorations available to make the party more exciting. There are many options for the decorations and interior designing, which give a different look. Many gamings and excitements can also be included in the party to entertain the guests. Consider the budget and the number of guests before going for the extra arrangements for the party. It is always better to conduct these parties at evening or night considering the convenience of the guests. There are simple ways of graduation party decorations using the most available things at home. It makes the party more attractive without affecting the budget.

The number of guests and the requirements should be taken care while hosting the parties. The successful achievement of graduation can be made more exciting with the friends and relatives. It gave a chance for the entire guest to congratulate the person for the success. These parties remain incomplete without any decorations and excitement events. There are different party ideas and themes for making the guests entertain. The center of attraction of the party will be the graduate holder and his success. The location of these parties is also important, as it can be home, park, or even a club.

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