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Glass Painting: to Give Texture to Glasses

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on March 5, 2012 in Home and Decorating

Painting on glass is the most beautiful technique in painting. They give a very good look to the glasses. Glass painting needs special techniques and care. Plain class can be made attractive with the help of this technique. The glass painting art was developed by the Chinese people who settled in Gujarat. It is usually painted with rich colors to give extensive look to the glass. The rich colors give excellent clarity to the glasses. Many people are now getting glass paintings done on their glasses to give an extra ordinary feature to their homes.

Glass Painting: to Give Texture to Glasses

Glass Painting: to Give Texture to Glasses

Glass painting has the outline made on the back of the glass and painting in done on the reverse side. Glass paintings need different painting colors and pastels. These paintings can be done with the oil or acrylic colors. Oil colors give a good base to the painting. Whereas the acrylic colors take less time to dry and give a brighter look to the painting. Also, the combination of gel colors can be used to give the painting a glossy and shiny look. You may also use crystals or some other decorative items. They can be stuck on the painting using the fabric glue but only after the painting is dried properly.

The process generally starts by drawing an outline of the picture with the outliner that is thick and mostly black in color. Then after it is dry the paint is filled in properly. Later the decoration is done after it the painting dries. Glass paintings can be preserved by framing them. They can be used as good wall hanging at your home. Glass paintings can also be done on curved surfaces like bowls and window panes. Avoid use of textured glasses as they may reduce the effect of the painting. A thin outline is always preferred.

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