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Truth and Myths About Healthy Eating

Posted by rafael on December 18, 2012 in Nutrition

An entire library have been dedicated to the subject of healthy eating but no matter how much is written and no matter how much is dedicated to the subject a clear and concise conclusion cannot be produced. The fact remains that, as with any other subject matter, more is discovered and new theories can make older ones lose their value. In this article we will try to teach you how to make sense of all this literature, to never get lost inside a thousand differing and oftentimes contradictory advice.

Another fact to take into consideration is that healthy eating is not the same thing for everyone. What can work for a person can have the exact same opposites for someone else and what can prove a healthy diet for one particular individual can prove exactly opposite for another one. The people most likely to fall in the grips of the healthy eating literature are the women who for a reason or another want to lose weight quickly. But, unfortunately, there are no clear cut ways to do it, that work universally well for everyone. Quite on the contrary, the diets that can have an effect and still be classified as healthy for some can prove detrimental to another person’s diet and lifestyle.

Truth and Myths About Healthy Eating

Truth and Myths About Healthy Eating

One thing remains clear cut and sure: no weight loss can be achieved with diets alone; one has to also try to go for a balance of foods intake and also for a schedule of physical effort and exercising. Therefore, a healthy life will always be a question of combining these two things: eating healthily and trying to engage one physically. The later is much harder to do when the person in cause cannot really commit to a clear cut way of doing it, when one cannot really dedicate a clear amount of time for these self preservation exercises. But, on the other hand, the person in cause can and should try to modify their diets to better fit their life style.

The healthy eating tips that one finds online or anywhere else should not be attempted without prior discussions with a nutritionist or with a general physician or some other person of the same kind. Only such a specialist can tell if a diet is working or not, or if one’s constitution can handle the pressure that dieting can have on the body.

So, if there’s one idea to base all the others around when it comes to healthy foods and diets, it is the one that clear cut procedures, diets and intake can only be prescribed individually, no general rules can apply to the individual. Also, diets are changed dynamically, as time goes on, to keep up with the body’s reaction to the nutrient intake that it has been subjected to. Also, if one type of diet gives great results for a certain person, it doesn’t mean that the same results can be expected for everyone else, so don’t base your diet on the results of friends, relatives or other people you know.

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