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Which Factors Affect Air Quality the Most?

Posted by rafael on December 18, 2012 in Body Health

The air that we breathe can affect our health to a very large extent, on a short term or on a long term basis – so, it is very important to know which factors determine the air quality of the air, what we can do to prevent inhaling harmful air. The air that we breathe contains about 20 percent oxygen while the rest is an inert gas, hydrogen and other gases. But, apart from these gases we also inhale a relatively important quantity of other airborne constituents, dust, pollens, and other chemicals which can be transported inside the blood stream and into our organisms.

The quality of the air that we breathe can vary depending on local conditions, generally, the closer we are to a source of pollution, the higher the chance that the chemicals released intot he atmosphere will contaminate the air. But contaminants can be transported over huge areas by the natural movements of the air, and, sometimes, certain chemicals will be combined in clouds to form acid rains, rains which will not only contaminate the air but also the soil and water.

But to stick to the air quality, one can do a couple of things to insure that what they breathe is safer and healthier. On one hand you have to try to get fresh air in the space where you work, live or sleep. If you live close to a facility that contaminates the air in your vicinity, you can use filters to clean the air inside and, if necessary, when leaving and outside, you can use the air filters that can clean the air of the larger contaminant particles.

Which Factors Affect Air Quality the Most?

Which Factors Affect Air Quality the Most?

Apart from industrial contamination, the exhaust gasses that cars produce can have the same kind of negative impact on one’s health. Sure enough, the standards have improved dramatically over the last few years and you no longer expose yourself to the types of contaminations that you would have been bound to, especially led and other heavy metals. But, if you live close to a heavy circulated road, you have to take extra steps to insure you don’t expose yourself to these contaminants.

Another type of contaminant that one might wt to avoid is the one pertaining to second hand smoking. The air quality is also a question of not inhaling products such as cigarette smoke or other contaminants that you don’t produce. Luckily for those who don’t smoke, the advantage is that you will be able to avoid it in most public spaces, as smoking has been banned in most such spaces.

The quality of the air one breathes can affect him in many ways; it can leave to allergies, to short of breath and even to intoxications with the air borne contaminants. Therefore, if you suspect that the space where you live or work contains elements that exceed regulations, you have to announce the authorities. There are regulations that pollutants have to keep and if you suspect that they are breaking them, you can proactively try to involve yourself to guard your health.

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