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What is Wellness and are the Health Tips Actually Effective?

Posted by rafael on December 18, 2012 in Body Health

The health tips which permeate the online environment are often times contradictory and they are a product of people whose interests are not always clearly stated, are not always disclosed openly. Most of the tips which are used to promote the use of a product or service are in many cases biased, so, in the following article we will try to see how best to steer away from these useless tips. We all must have read one of these pop-ups while navigating online: an improvement of one’s so called “wellness” dropping weight without effort and so on. These are generally intended to capitalize on the lack of clear information and also on the lack of interest and education of people.

But unfortunately, while indeed many of these tips can be harmless or produce unquantifiable results, others can be downright criminal, in that they can lead you to harmful, heath risking situations. Another thing to keep in mind is that there simply are no universally acceptable health tips that one can simply follow; all the tips have to develop from the ground up, from the individual, and only doctors, physicians, or other trained people can help you navigate this labyrinth.

What popular culture has described “wellness” as being is a state of health, one that needs to be maintained with constant dieting, with a certain lifestyle and with choices that are allegedly intrinsically healthy. Unfortunately, these tips are most of the times a collection of indications that don’t stem from organic understanding of metabolism, health and the normal functioning of the body, instead trying to create a certain halo, a certain aura of unwarranted coolness in a domain that should be explored based on facts and not on trends.

What is Wellness and are the Health Tips Actually Effective?

What is Wellness and are the Health Tips Actually Effective?

But, because many media outlets present these and are in the business of disseminating false or unchecked information, many people fall in these traps. Such was the case, a few years back with diets such as the grapefruit and biscuit ones, which put many women and men in very dire health risks, and even have led to serious cases where hospitalization was needed, as these diets were simply unbearable for active people.

Therefore, one is best advised to take popular culture health tips with a grain of salt, to check information and under no circumstances follow diets and tips out of hunches or because they are popular. Checking with an expert diet counselor, with a medic or with other people who know what they’re talking about has to be done prior to following any diet, lifestyle or other such indications.

Even when such advice is not easily available, using logic and basic common sense has to allow one to see problems with such diets, contradictions, and other illogic indications that can only lead to (health) problems. So, in conclusion, don’t ever let yourself be ensnared into these tips without making sure that they have been genuinely researched and that conclusion has emerged that are undeniable. Otherwise, popular or not, you will be risking your own health.

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