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What Is The Best Form Of Public Transport

Posted by rafael on January 2, 2013 in Travel Agencies & Services

There are many different forms of public transport, and it is often disputed to what is the best form of transport. You have the choice from the bus, train, tube and coach. Some are much more popular than others and some forms are known to be a lot more reliable than others. To get to the bottom of which form of transport is the best, I will discuss what are the pros and the cons of each form of transport.


The bus is popular all around the world, not just within the UK. The bus provides you with a laid back service of getting from one area to another quickly and safely. There are a huge number of different bus companies which you can choose to travel with, with some being much more popular and reliable than others. There are thousands of different bus services around the UK, with so many connecting in with different journeys it will be possible to travel all around the country by bus. Even though the bus does have many services allowing you to go quite literally anywhere in the country, it does have its negatives. Many people believe that the bus really is not that reliable; this is because it is hugely affected by traffic on our roads. If there is an accident on a road, it is likely to affect many of the roads and routes around it, this will leave bus services interrupted with. Buses cannot be hugely reliable because of it. Weather will also have a huge effect on the service which buses supply, this is because you may find some buses will stop coming out completely in bad weather leaving you stuck and having to look for another form of transport.

Public Transport

Public Transport


The UK rail network is one of the best in the world, this is because the great connections which it has and how reliable it is. You can practically get a train anywhere in the country, you can even get the train out of Europe using the euro tunnel. Trains are loved by many people; this is because of the fast service which they supply and the comfort of the service. There are many different train companies out there who will all supply an equally good service. However, trains can be known to lose their reliability during bad weather, but this is expected just like it is with any other form of transport. Trains have been popular in the news in the past recent weeks, with train strikes suspected. This seems to be a regular occurrence which is leaving people’s faith in trains lost. However, trains are still highly regarded as one of the best forms of public transport, this is because of the high quality rail safety, and this is all down to the high spec rail equipment which is used to keep train tracks running smoothly.


Everyone knows how fantastic the tube is, this is why everyone uses it, in London that is. People have asked the question for years, why is the tube service only available in London, and that is for a number of reasons. However, in London the tube service is highly respected and loved by many. It is merely impossible to travel quickly around London by car, so the tube is the next best thing. You are able to get from one part of London to the next in a few simple minutes.

John is a rail safety inspector and favours the train over any other public transport. For more information on rail safety, go to http://www.arbilrail.co.uk/

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