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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Victoria

Posted by rafael on December 18, 2012 in Tourist Destinations

Australia is known for its friendly people, warm climate and laid back atmosphere. Many people go on holidays to Australia and never comeback. One of the best places to live in Australia is Victoria and below I have listed five reasons why.

Number One: its Culture

Melbourne is a cultural hub with literally hundreds of theatres, opera houses and concert halls. Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia because it attracts the most diverse range of artists’, musicians and performers. The Melbourne arts Centre regularly hosts major international shows and features some of the world’s most talented performers. It is situated right next to the Melbourne Art Gallery which houses great works from around the world and regularly hosts travelling exhibitions from some of the world’s greatest galleries. If you’re looking for culture, than Melbourne is undoubtedly the place to be.

Number Two: its Sport

Former Lord Mayor of Melbourne lord John So declared that Melbourne was the sporting capital of the entire universe, he wasn’t far wrong. Melbourne regularly plays host to major international sporting events such as the Australian open, the Australian Grand Prix, the Australian Rules football grand final, the Boxing Day test match and many other regular fixtures. It also plays host to several major sporting teams including the Melbourne Demons, the Melbourne storm, the Melbourne Rebels, the Melbourne vixens, the Melbourne victory and Melbourne heart. Victoria’s people are sport obsessed and they refer to the MCG or the Melbourne Cricket Ground as the beating heart of the state. If you like sport there’s no better place to be in then Victoria.

Number Three: its Lifestyle

Victoria is known for its laid back attitude to life and its relaxed atmosphere. Its communities are friendly and its people generous. While Victorians work hard, they also know how to relax. So if you enjoy barbecues, picnics and trips to the beach Victoria is a wonderful place to live. In 2011 Melbourne, the States capital was voted the world’s most liveable city.



Number Four: its Safety

Melbourne is one of the safest Western cities in the world. It has low crime rates relative to other countries and is generally seen as a very safe place to live. In most places you can safely go out at night without fear of being robbed or assaulted. For this reason Melbourne is a great place to raise a family because children can walk to school in relative safety and parents don’t have to constantly worry about their well-being.

Number Five: its Climate

Melbourne is known to having four seasons in one day. It can be warm one minute and then raining the next so if you like a city with a variety of climates, Melbourne is the ideal place to live. During winter the average temperature is around 16° while in summer the average is around 26 degrees and unlike in other areas of Australia the humidity is generally low. Temperatures can get up to as high as 40° in summer but that this only happens very rarely. It hasn’t snowed in Melbourne for at least 50 years.

One place to consider for residential purpose is Cranbourne, one of thefast-growing suburb located in Melbourne’s outer south-east betweenDandenong and Tooradin.

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