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Top 5 Big Cities of the World

Posted by rafael on January 11, 2013 in Tourist Destinations

Big cities are often eminent from small towns by luxury means of transportation, skyscrapers, communication and sky kissing infrastructure. The streets of the big cities are very alive and always full of activities. The glimmer and glitter of city life attracts people towards more civilized lifestyle, facilities and higher standards of living. Here are the top 5 cities of the world that guarantees a nonstop dose of fun, excitement and various cultural events organized almost every day. Visit articlesweb.org to have more info regarding these fabulous locations. Let’s take a look:

Paris, France

Paris is the capital city of France. The city generates a major section of the country’s revenue. It is one of Europe’s leading industries in gastronomy, fashion, political ground and arts. It is one of the best cities to live and work in the whole world. It is also known as the city of saga or the love capital of the world. In Paris, the quality of living is very high, which has one of the best public transportation system active all over the city. France almost welcomes about 80 million tourists in a year and is one of the most visited places in the world. The city is beautifully embellished with many amorous spots which include stunning gardens and valleys, such as the gardens of Versailles and the Lorie Valley. Paris also owns some of the most beautiful parks of the world that offers a perfect place to have leisure walk with loved ones.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne in Australia, is the capital of Victoria, and is a vibrant hub of sport, style, dining and culture. It has turned into a hot favourite of tourists because of its beautiful beaches, warm and sunny downtown area and its multi-cuisine restaurants, which has been a centre of attraction worldwide. In you wish to enjoy edifying and cultural oriented event, be a part of award winning stage shows, exhibitions, and art festivals organized at Melbourne. Melbourne is a labyrinth of opulent bars, hidden laneways and exclusive restaurants. Here you can strike the sporting grounds, soak in the culture; savour the wine and dynamic food, dance till crack of dawn or stroll the parks and leafy courtyard.

Miami, Florida



Miami is well-known for beaches, hunks and babes. It is an important centre of sports, arts, entertainment and is frequently visited by celebrities. It has been ranked as one of the finest cities to dwell in America. Miami has won awards in overall cleanliness, which shows the effort put in upholding high-quality lifestyle. One of the core attractions of Miami is its pleasant, subtropical weather, which allows outdoor activity throughout the year. The waterfronts and beaches available offer diverse water sports including sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. If you wish to get indulged in other sports, try golf, sunbathing, tennis or nightclubbing.

Seoul, South Korea

If you are wish to experience the beauty of Asian culture, then Seoul is one of the best cities to live. It has made impressive advancements in technology, and is home to several best known international brands in the world. This city is incredibly tourist friendly and has lots of dining and entertainment facilities to suit varied tastes.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a wonderful country renowned for its culture and tradition. Barcelona, the city is a paradise, it’s heaven of arts, where the vibrant nightlife presents plenty of experiences for folks, who are keen to try something new. The city offers combination of the old and the new, and the high eminence of life is amazing. Needless to say, fantastic cuisines, natural wonder, diverse architecture, as well as ample of gardens and parks are just a few of the tourist attractions to look forward.

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