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5 Great Lakes in USA

Posted by rafael on December 21, 2012 in Tourist Destinations

One great expedition for the summer season to come could be visiting some of the Great Lakes in US, some of which offer great outdoors opportunities for those who like the outdoors, hiking and even fishing. In the US there are in excess of thousands of lakes, but eh following 5 are the largest and also the most interesting in terms of tourism.

Lake Superior: It is located in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin as well as Ontario, and it has a total surface of 31.700 square miles. A portion of the lake is also located in Canada. Therefore, following the outline of the lake could prove an entire expedition in itself, with different things to see and different things to do at every step of the expedition.

Lake Huron: It is a little smaller than Lake Superior, with a total size of “only” 23.000 square miles. It encompasses regions in Michigan, and Ontario and, it is followed by a lot of different natural landscapes as well as city dwellings. The lake is great for boat expeditions and for fishing, but also as a landmark to travel around.

Lake Michigan: With a total size of 22.300 square miles, the lake stands tall in our list and it also encompasses a good amount of territory. You could visit  Illinois, Indiana as well as Wisconsin while on the trip and each of these cities would be a marvel to traverse, with very interesting landmark at every step.

5 Great Lakes in USA

5 Great Lakes in USA

Lake Eerie: A lot smaller than the other listed above, Lake Eerie is still an interesting location all on its own. While traversing its regions you would have to visit Michigan, New York, Ohio as well as Pennsylvania,. The Canadians also can bask in the beauty of the lake in Ontario. Lake Eerie displaces a surface of only 9900 square miles.

Lake Ontario: In the same type of surface area as lake Eerie, Lake Ontario is relatively small compared to the immensity of Lake Superior but, in the realm of the Great Lakes it still stands tall with 7300 square miles. The lake is also shared by Americans and Canadians, as it traverses areas in New York and Ontario in Canada.

Therefore if you are keen on seeing these lakes extensively, the best way to do it would be to plan a cross country trip, or maybe even a trip through Ontario Canada and the other states in America. There are a myriad of spots to see, interesting for those that want to catch a glimpse of America as it used to be in the days of old, as the lakes have changed little for decades if not hundreds of years. Traveling by car and planning hiking expeditions is the best way to plan your trip, as on your journey you will find sufficient places to eat, sleep and also delight in some less “natural” objectives. Even for non Americans such a journey could prove interesting, as you will get to see more of the US and see the differences in between locations.

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