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Pyramids of Egypt

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They were built more than 2500 years ago and endure to this day. Surrounded by mysteries, arouse the interest of historians, archaeologists and scholars of ancient civilizations. How many centuries have resisted? What secrets kept inside them? Which exercised religious function in society?

Knowing the pyramids:

In Ancient Egypt was polytheistic religion then, because the Egyptians believed in many gods. They also believed in life after death and thus preserve the body and belongings to the other life was a concern. But only some of the pharaohs and priests were able to create economic systems to preserve the body through the process of mummification.

The pyramid had the function of shelter to protect the pharaoh’s mummified body and his belongings (jewelry, personal items and other material goods) tombs of the looters. So, these buildings had to be quite resistant, protected and inaccessible. The engineers, who were sacrificed after completion of the pyramid so as not to reveal the inner secrets, traps and planned access into the false constructions. It was intended that the mummified body of the pharaoh and his belongings were not accessed.

The pyramids were built at a time when the Pharaohs exercised much political power, social and economic development in ancient Egypt. The bigger the pyramid, the greater its power and glory. Therefore, the pharaohs were preoccupied with the grandeur of these buildings. With labor, slave labor, often thousands, they were built with stone blocks that weigh up to two tons. To be completed, time consuming, often more than 20 years. Thus, while alive, the Pharaoh began to plan and execute the construction of the pyramid.

The math was much employed in the construction of the pyramids. Knowing this science, the architects planned the buildings in order to obtain the maximum possible perfection. The stones were cut and fitted perfectly. Its four sides were designed and built symmetrically, factors that explain the preservation of them until today.

Encountering the pyramids, many of them intact, archaeologists came across a lot of information of ancient Egypt. They have hieroglyphic inscriptions, telling the life of Pharaoh or bringing prayers to the gods knew of the deeds performed by the ruler.

Pyramids of Egypt

Pyramids of Egypt


The mystery may be near the end: Researchers discover a new version of how the Egyptian pyramids were built – from the inside out, according to the study, using a spiral ramp inside the pyramid.

For millennia humanity question: How were the pyramids of Egypt built? How to raise five million and a half tons of rock to 146 meters only with techniques of old?

Numerous theories have been elaborated. The mystery remains, but may be near the end. A French architect believes he has found the answer – or at least the most convincing explanation.

Jean-Pierre Houdin reconstructed three-dimensional image of a pyramid of Cheops, one of the seven wonders of the world. He says the Egyptians raised the colossal tomb with a spiral ramp inside the pyramid.

According to Houdin, the first 43 meters using external ramps were built to carry the stone blocks. The subsequent stages depended on an elaborate system of internal slopes, where the load slipped. The pyramids were built from the inside out, the architect concluded.

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