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Apple Fails to get Samsung Banned

Posted by rafael on January 15, 2013 in Web Apps & Online Tools

2012 has been a year of the courts for these two mega technology companies. Apple has been working Samsung over on counts of patent infringement on technology used in the Samsung product range. So what is the latest on this battle?

In August courts in the US found against Samsung to the tune of one billion dollars. Samsung has since appealed this decision and the appeal is still underway. In an audacious move Apple applied for Samsung to have to remove their infringing products from the market in the US. A judge has recently denied this request saying that it is unreasonable considering the low amount of infringing technology that was actually used. The teams at Apple were not happy.

Samsung in 2012

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster for Samsung. Their Galaxy Note II was widely acclaimed as the “best gadget of the year” by many tech communities and they have let volley on the market with a string of impressive handsets. They have certainly consolidated their reputation in the market as a great manufacturer of quality phones.

Apple in 2012

What about Apple? They have posted amazing sales figures. They sold 5 million iPhone 5 handsets pre-release and 45 million of the 5 series in the fourth quarter of 2012. So all rosy for Apple? Not really…

Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung

Apple’s newest market entry has been met with widespread criticism for lack of innovation, occasional poor build quality and inferior specs to its rivals. Average ratings on the web set the iPhone 5 at around 70 out of 100, where the Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC Droid DNA and Samsung Note II all post numbers upwards of 80. The disparity in the numbers puts the iPhone at the same level as the Windows Phone 8X, which was not expected to reach the top end yet.

What Will 2013 Bring?

So there have been conflicting fortunes in many ways for Apple and Samsung. 2013 needs to be a year of innovation for both companies. There is not time to rest on your laurels or you will go the way of Blackberry and be forced out of an area of the market that you dearly want to be in.

Look for more cloud technology in 2013, more ability to share between phones in networks, and yes thinner phones. It is amazing what these companies are fitting into such small handsets these days. A few decades ago the power of quad core processing was not possible even in a computer the size of a three floor building.

. . . . .

Phones are changing out of recognition to what they were even just a decade ago. Technology moves so fast that it is a constant battle for the public to keep up. I would be interested to hear your take on the leaders in the market at the moment. Who has the best phone out right now? Who is going to win the battle in 2013? What would you like to see more of in your phones?

Phil Turner has checked Apple and Samsung Phones and even cheap iPhone deals seem over-priced to an independent observer.

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