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Technology That Communicates

Posted by rafael on November 21, 2012 in Technology

How many times have we heard our mothers complaining about the amount of work they have to do? How many times have we heard our moms grumbling about the maids and dreaming about a robotic maid who doesn’t take sick holidays and does all the work with utmost efficiency?? Well it is possible now. No not the robotic maid, but many technologies that do work efficiently with minimum energy consumption and don’t take sick leaves.

Smart home technology aims at totally automating the household through home networks and internet. A smart device is an ordinary electronic device with the installed computer in it to give it more functionality. Smart home technology is the ordinary and existing technology including electronics and appliances that communicate with each other, the consumers and even the manufacturers. It results in a smart or smarter home which is connected to the network. Many of today’s  products that are becoming smart to satisfy people’s needs include kitchen, microwaves, stoves, washers, dryers and many more.

Technology That Communicates

Technology That Communicates

The smart home technology is now mostly of the kitchen. The internet refrigerator makes many tasks easier, downloads recipes from the net and displays it in its LCD screen, store appointments and reminders and many more functions.  As better resolution televisions are available, the smart home technology television will provide more interactive content. A smart internet air conditioner will have self adjusting capabilities according to the temperature outside and inside. With smarter technology comes a better way of living, one that is fully automated and dependent on technology.

Imagine a life where food is ready when you reach home, air conditioners already chilling the room in the hottest summer days, grocery list automatically prepared and ordered, all the dishes washed as soon as they get dirty and many more with maximum accuracy and efficiency and minimum energy consumption and for this all you need is the smart home technology.

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