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The Nokia Lumia 620 – Reviewed and Rated

Posted by rafael on January 2, 2013 in Mobile

Nokia fans will be looking forward to the launch of the latest addition to the Lumia family and it seems that the new Nokia Lumia 620 is available for pre-order.  The handset will run on a Windows operating system and like previous models is fairly slim.  The details of the new handset have been announced in Paris and it seems that it is also going to be an affordable option for most people.


Even with the lower price tag the handset will have the main features of the other Nokia handsets.  For the fashion conscious the handset will come in a range of seven colours.  In addition there will be a 3.8 inch screen that is complete with a ClearBlack LCD panel.  The processor will be a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip and there will be 512 MB of RAM.  As with all of the Lumia handsets there is a reasonable amount of onboard storage at 8 GB but with an SD card this can be extended to 64 GB.  Owners will also be able to make use of an additional 7 GB of storage free of charge with SkyDrive cloud storage.


As most smartphone users take plenty of photos, those interested in this particular handset will be pleased to hear that the camera has 5 Megapixels and HD video recording capability.  Get online easily with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and 3G and stay connected to friends and family with no hassles.

The Nokia Lumia 620

The Nokia Lumia 620

Operating System

The Windows operating system is to be the latest version – Windows Phone 8.  It is one of the main advantages to the phone and there are plenty of apps available from Nokia which are available only for Windows handsets.   This means easy access to features such as Cinemagraph, Smart Shoot and Nokia City Lens as well as a great range of other apps designed to make life easier and give the user everything they want at the touch of a button.


Compared to some Android handsets this particular Nokia is set to be great value for money and could well be one of the most popular Nokia handset ever, attracting customers that liked the look of the other Lumia handsets but baulked at the price.   The not so good news is how long this handset is set to take to reach the market in the west.  The plan is to launch it first in Asia and the Middle East at the start of 2013 and most countries will need to wait for a couple of months for it to be available.

However, it should be available in the UK by the end of January 2013 so pre-ordering is probably going to be the best way forward for those who want to be in at the beginning.  This news has been welcomed by the mobile phone world and smartphone aficionados alike.  With a great price tag and good quality features, the phone has great potential and is set to fly off the shelves.  Android phones now have some serious competition.

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