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It’s SMS, Short Messaging Service

Posted by rafael on January 16, 2012 in Technology


Since cell phones have arrived, our lives have become more convenient and relaxed. The invention has lead to zero communication constraints. A cell phone has quite a few remarkable features, and with the advancement in the technology, the device is going crazy day-by-day. One of the most fantastic features of the device is the short SMS messages service. This facility allows you to convey your message instantly, irrespective of the location. This particular service is very helpful in passing across messages without disturbing the recipient.

Short SMS messages are usually to the point messages. They are widely used for different purposes like birthday greetings, festivals, special occasions, funny messages, jokes, and even advertisements. This facility allows people to convey messages in a short though complete manner. The best part about the messaging service is that it reaches the recipient instantaneously. You don’t have to wait much longer. This quick and short message service has taken over all types of different age groups. This builds strong communication rapport with the other person with a personalized touch.

It’s SMS, Short Messaging Service

It’s SMS, Short Messaging Service

Short SMS messages service has been most victorious non-voice service for mobile users in the history of telecommunications evolution. This service has not only brought in a revolution but has also generated immense revenue. The reason for its flourishing success is its reach, cost and consistency. Mobile service providers roll out heavy discounted schemes to attract its users and even at times, flat rate plans are available for additional benefits.

However, the SMS service has a limitation of utilizing only 160 characters in a single message; on the other hand, you can send multiple messages to convey lengthy content. Do not forget, the objective of SMS is short message service. We all use this facility daily to convey routine messages to our dear and near ones.

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