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Is There Still Place For a New Computer Billionaire?

Posted by rafael on December 21, 2012 in Internet & Telecom

 We all love success stories, especially for those that rise from the position of the underdog, and in recent stories no one has produced anything more valuable, well known and present in all our lives than the people developing software or hardware. But is there still place for the emergence of another huge computer billionaire? We will try to work this problem in the following article.

It would be a bleak story to start saying that the days of the small start-up, developing and gaining a huge status are all in our history, in the past. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple as well as companies that have produced hardware, Intel others, all have started from humble beginnings, revolutionizing the way our society communicates, solves issues that would have otherwise taken a lot more effort. What computers do today is allow us to communicate faster than ever, more efficiently and almost all the tasks that used to be done with pen and paper and the classic mail have ben forwarded to these systems. But, is there still places for technologies, hardware, software or a combination of both that can take the world by storm?

Is There Still Place For a New Computer Billionaire?

Is There Still Place For a New Computer Billionaire?

At the moment, Google is working on a revolutionary interface system, promising to leave us all without the need of any gadgets, just a pair of glasses onto which any information can be directed, taking our actual world and placing a HUD (heads up display over it). If it will catch on, this type of interface is going to probably be the next best thing. But can we applaud this as any startup that would develop ito a new found computer billionaire? In a sense we could, but on the other, Google is already a behemoth, and, in order to impress us to the degree that small companies have done in the past, maybe we need a new contender, someone unknown.

Unfortunately, the days of the one programmer or one engineer with a desire and a single minded vision are pretty much over. Today the bigger projects require massive teams, all highly specialized in different types of problem solving and in different types of skills. Probably, when our current technology will be sufficiently advanced people will be capable of getting huge workloads to computerized systems, leaving them only to supervise and lead, and maybe allow someone with a small budget to get huge success again and get to be the new computer billionaire.

However, in a sense, the same excitement of computer innovation will not be back any time soon. Probably a major paradigm shift, a major change in the way we think of computers will be next, but it’s not going to be the innovation of a single individual, it’s going to need to rely on the lessons we already learned about computing, and the already established companies are the most likely to be the ones bringing in new innovation. But will there be new computer billionaire individuals? We think that it is possible, but not any time in the near future.

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