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How to Create Funny Printable Birthday Cards

Posted by rafael on May 4, 2012 in Technology

Nowadays you can make basically anything on the internet and computer. From your own business to a simple printable birthday card, you can make anything in this marvelous invention that is the internet and its principal part, the computers. This day and age has been such a blessing for those people who like to put their hands to action and make their own personal stuff.

Basically since the invention of the printer and computer everyone could join the Do It Yourself mania and start their own way of doing so many things. The Do It Yourself, or DIY for short, is a quite interesting phenomena, because, you see, before the nineteenth and twentieth century, basically anything was done by hand in your own house. You would buy something here and there in the towns fair or ask the help for your neighbor for the more intricate and complex works, but despite that, most of the stuff people had was done inside one’s own household.

Before the great Industrial Revolution, people were able to do a lot of different things, despite having a single profession, such as artisan, shoemaker or, most probably farmers. What the Revolution did, and is the reason for having the name Revolution, is that things we own and use were now made very far away from our houses, cities and even perhaps our own countries.

People now had access to cheaper things that were sometimes better than the ones homemade. This changed the way people lived because now they had time to do more things, that is, if they have first the means to buy these stuffs. The Industrial Revolution was, and perhaps still is, one of the most important phenomenons that have happened with the human kind, because it altered the social order dramatically.

People after the Industrial Revolution did not have more the means for doing everything inside their own household, or at least inside their own city. More and more they relied on things that were made on very far away lands. What this caused was a displacement of workers in several parts of the world. Those shoemakers, artisans and other type of professional were now distinctly unemployed.

To have some food in their mouths and to sustain their families these people did what they had to do: they went to where the jobs where. But the jobs now were different. We did not have to learn all the art and preparation of a single profession that was too expensive for the capitalist in their industry. It is way more cheaper to have you do just one thing, and one thing only in a have assembly that have other people doing just one thing.

In this way of doing business, people were now required to know very little to have a job. Although this can be seen as a good thing, and if we look at the advances that human kind have made under this system of organization, it will only corroborate with this idea, this is not so good for the works. They became a giant illiterate mass that had no other use, beside that very specific and easily taught use in the industry. And for that specific job they received just a small salary, that was for a long time in the history of capitalism not enough for a proper living, but through many rebellions and strikes, it is now better than it was one day.

The Do It Yourself Revolution

So, with this important and incredible ominous (in parts, if not thoroughly regulated and properly thought and discussed)  revolution that was the Industrial Revolution, people developed a new way of living; from poor to rich, people now is specialized in doing just one thing. People lost their ability of yonder years to have many different skills sets and to use it almost every day.

The Do It Yourself Revolution is the counterrevolution in this case, as people who were fed up by this type of living started wandering if they could do their own things, in their own time. This became even more attractive in this century, the twentieth first century, that we live in because of the great help of the internet, computer and their accessories. It is now very simple to know a lot of things from this great library that is the internet and the World Wide Web.

Birthday cards, of course can also be made in these new technologies. You can make them in your own computer with simple programs, such as the Word or something similar and put it to print with ease and fastness. You could also go directly to the internet and make a quick search in one of your favorite search engine that is out there. Probably you will choose the giant of the internet, Google. The history of Google is very important to understand how people are now more active and doing things themselves.

So if you are wondering how to do your own funny printable birthday cards it is pretty easy. First step, you should use Google to find the best sites that make cards. Secondly, make your own card with funny words and some clever jokes. Thirdly and finally, have it send to your printer. Maybe the printer will be in your own house or maybe it you are somewhere nears you, but rest assured that it will not be very far away. This is the difference between now and a hundred, maybe a hundred and fifty years ago. In the 1800’s and beginning of the twentieth century you would need to buy some card that was made probably very far away from your house and town.

Nowadays you can do almost anything in the comfort of your own house and that is precious. The curiosity here is that this is the same routine from almost four hundred years ago, but now we are much more capable of discovering and doing things because of the great inventions of the Industrial Revolution. It was not a calm and tranquil revolution, but surely enough it has changed forever the ways we do things, from our own survival such as food and drinks, to more mundane but utterly important things such as funny printable birthday cards.

Greeting cards are considered in the modern age as one of the most expensive commodities when it comes to spend the money on some luxurious goods and services. We have a lot of friends around whose birthdays come and go each year, and almost every month, we have to go to the shop and buy a new birthday card for a friend. This has actually made our pocket money little scarce due to extra spending on goods like cards. Therefore, there must be devised some modern way through which we can have lesser expenses and more friendship bonds when it comes to wishing our friends a happy birthday.

How to Create Funny Printable Birthday Cards

How to Create Funny Printable Birthday Cards

The age of information technology has therefore led us with the solution of this problem. We are now able to create funny as well as free printable birthday cards to send our friends through mail. You only need to have a computer, a printer and an internet connection, and all these appliances or services are expected to be present in every home in developed countries.

To create cards for birthdays, we must be following some instructions. Firstly we need to make the cover of the card. There must be launched a graphic design of the card on the website or on the software. Then a background color must be selected for the layout of the background. Then a photo must be inserted, where there can be more than one photo inserted. Most of the softwares or the websites have the color schemes available in their pages. Then the card must be bordered in the perfect way. Then we should choose the color that balances the clip art as well as the background color. There you go! The card is ready is for printing and you can then send it to your friends and family members.

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