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Google Street View Maps

Posted by rafael on June 14, 2011 in Technology

Google Street View is an integrated service to Google Maps, which now offers innovative and outstanding images, following the same Google pioneered web services and quality. With this feature, you can travel to many famous places and see them in detail, with the advantage of seeing it up close, like you are actually visiting these places.

Street View for Google Maps

The new tool should be used with the same Google maps with which you must already be familiar with the only difference that, at the top of the maps, you can see a new button called “Street View”. It appears next to the buttons to select different viewing modes: satellite map and hybrid.

Google Earth Logo

Google Earth Logo

How to Turn in Street View Photos

To start we have, effectively, to move the sights and take pictures to display on Street View. We have a lot of attention to sunlight when we plan our trips, because the sun must be high enough so that the shadows do not darken the buildings. Also we take into account the time and temperature, because we want to prevent snow, fog or rain cause travel delays or blurred images.  Often, we start at the center of the city to collect the most important areas of downtown and went to the outskirts.

Google Street View

Google Street View

Align the images in Google Maps

Once we know exactly where each picture was taken,  you can see an image of the right place when you are viewing on Street View. To this end, we combine signals from multiple sensors in the car, including a unit of global positioning system (GPS, Global Positioning System), and monitors that measure the speed and direction.  The GPS device shows the exact location of the car in most cases, but sometimes certain factors, such as tall buildings in the center of a city block the data signal and other sensors that enable us to bridge those gaps. By combining all these signs, we can trace the exact route of the car, we know exactly which line and direction were collected all images, we can then match each image to a specific location and even tilt and align the images with terrain.

Google's Car

Google's Car

Transform Photos into 360 Degree Panoramas

When we take photos for Street View, we want to avoid flaws in the images, so that the cameras take pictures in the car adjacent overlapping. To remove the overlap and create an image of continuous 360 degrees, “sew” the images.
To show the right image, we must take into account several factors. When you drag the map to Pegman, we calculate the corresponding picture closer and show the part of the image that fits within your browser window. As it moves to see other angles, other sections are loaded that same 360-degree panorama.  When driving along a street, we know that image will show the move. To this end, we use the signs that the car collects, for example, data from three lasers. The rapidity with which the lasers reflecting surfaces gives us the distance that a building or object is located, and allows us to build 3D models. When you move the mouse to an area within that distance, this 3D model determines the best picture to show you that location.   We use these data in Google Earth, projecting the images on Street View 3D models to provide a truly interactive experience.

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