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Start Playing Free Spider Solitaire

Posted by rafael on May 30, 2012 in Games

Sometimes I wonder how people lived in a world without computers, internet, tablets and smart phones. How can you do your job, talk to everybody and most importantly, how can you have a leisure time without the comfort and easiness of the modern life? Without the constant streaming of news and TV shows now available within a mere click in your touch screen, how everyone in the past centuries had their share of good pastime and leisure activities?

To answer this question we can go as far back as the earliest civilizations to ever build a memorable legacy. Since antiquity human beings have been able to create and imagine lots of different ways to entertain ourselves and we can see how this develops simple by learning the history of some artistic activities such as writing poems or theater plays. Not to mention the many sports that has been created since the dawn of times.

If I were to guess, I reckon they should have lived very well, because those many activities have been able to distract many people during many centuries. But certainly one of the most popular types of activity that was developed to make time slips by more easily is card games. Those games are popular because of the easiness of their rules and, moreover, the huge number of different format of games that can be employed.

For any person to play some card game he or she needs only one deck of card, and depending on the card game not even a full deck is required. Some card games also don’t require much more than one person to play. One of the most famous one person games known in history is Solitaire. But as you’d guess there are many different ways of playing solitaire. Here we’ll teach you about the Spider Solitaire, showing its similarity and differences with the more common Solitaire.

Before you start playing Spider Solitaire you need first to understand what type of game you’re dealing with. Solitaire games, as the name suggests, is meant to be played alone. Of course you can divide your playing time and decision making with as many people as you’d like, but the thing is that Solitaire is a game made for when you don’t have any companion.

You will need only a full deck of cards if you wish to play the normal game of Solitaire, and the objective of the game is to clear or expose all of the cards in this deck with the minimum amount of steps necessary. Simple or what? But as everything in life this simplicity are only superficial as the rules in any particular style of Solitaire can be quite complex and interesting. Our space is limited so we won’t talk or see much about the other types and styles of playing Solitaire. We will focus only on how to play, and possible master, the Spider version of Solitaire games.

Cards Layout

Although most people will play this game online or its Windows version –where the cards are laid properly by the computer – we still could use the knowledge of knowing where to put the cards in a Spider Solitaire game. Firstly both decks are shuffled together and then 4 rows of ten faces down cards are dealt. This is the Tableau Columns, or simple those columns where most of the cards are when you open the game in your Windows desktop or the application online.

After this initial dealing, four more cards are dealt – also with its faces down – to the leftmost columns. Finally a face up card is dealt and every column now is complete. The remaining cards are collective known as stock and are placed face down in a space besides the Tableau Columns.


Such as in the more famous kind of Solitaire, the objective of Spider Solitaire is to build cards of descending order in the same suit – when you play the easiest version there is only one suit, therefore less complications for you – from the highest card available in an deck, that is the King, to the least card available to you, the Ace.

But, differently from normal Solitaire, in Spider Solitaire you make this arrangement with your cards in the Tableau Columns and then when you reach the Descending Sequence you desire – that is, from King to Ace – the whole sequence is automatically removed into one of the 8 foundations.

Specific Spider Rules

As said before, Solitaire is a game only simple in its appearance as anyone who has played it before can tell you. Now Spider Solitaire is even more intricate than it seems initially. Let’s dig into this complexity for a while:

First the foundations are not as used as in the normal Solitaire. As your sequence is ordered in the Tableau Columns and then automatically removed to one of the eight foundations you don’t have much to do besides sit back and watch the computer do this job for you. But if you’re wondering how to play in real life, just make the same adjustments that the computer does, that is, when you finish a sequence you put it aside.

You can move the cards around the Tableau Columns as you wish, but it has to be on a descending order, and if you are trying to move more than one card you have to pick the sequence in the same suit. So if you are playing the hard version of the game with four different suits you will see lots of different possibilities to see your game blocked. So you should focus on getting the same suits in the same column as you can move this around.

If you are playing the easiest version with just one suit then you’re fine, as it is way easier to make moves while having just one suit to match all the cards. Finally when some Tableau Column is empty you can use it to move around your cards, regardless of color or suit or value. If no more moves are possible with the card in the Tableau, then, and only then, it is possible to pick a card on the stock. But as this game is different, when you pick one card in the stock, you’ll pick one card for every Tableau Columns, so be aware of this fact.

In the end this game can be very complex and entertaining, and you can go to higher levels of difficulties as you develop your strategies and techniques. Much like the people in older days you will have a fun time while playing cards. The only difference is that now we have computers and internet. Can you imagine how it would be to live without it? I can certainly imagine that we would have lots of cards games for our entertainment.

Have you ever heard about spider solitaire? Spider solitaire is a well known game among various card games. The spider solitaire game gained lot of popularity after Microsoft started shipping free spider solitaire game with Windows Operating System. Though the game comes in every Windows based computers, it isn’t that easy to win the game.

If you do not have a computer with Windows Operating System, then you may not have spider solitaire as a default game. In such case you will have to download free spider solitaire game. Even in Solitaire games, there are many versions namely Crescent Solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Tripeaks Solitaire and so on. Among all these versions, Spider Solitaire is the most popular one.

Start Playing Free Spider Solitaire

Start Playing Free Spider Solitaire

The main strategy of the Spider solitaire game is to build an ascending suit sequence right in the foundation zone. It would be pretty easy to say but when it comes to the real game, it isn’t that easy. Particularly when you play 4 suit spider solitaires, it might sometimes become very tough for you to win the game. Yet you can increase the chances of winning by planning appropriate strategies. As you plan the game continuously, you can get acquainted to the strategy to win the game and thus your chances of winning the game will be high.

By now you might be pretty interested to try out the game, aren’t you? If you don’t have it in your computer, quickly browse for the website from where you can get free spider solitaire game. On the other hand you can even come across websites that conduct free spider solitaire games online. While downloading the spider solitaire make sure that you download it from a genuine website, since there are various hackers waiting for opportunity to creep into your computer.

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