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Infosys Technologies Going Global

Posted by rafael on January 2, 2013 in Equipment

Infosys Technologies Limited, or Infosys Limited, is a company that has its work field on the industries of IT services and IT consulting. Founded in 1981, the company has its headquarters at the city of Bangalore in the India. The company is known to provide business technology, outsourcing services and engineering services globally. Having won a lot of awards and recognitions all over the world, the company stands strong as one of the most effective organizations in today’s markets. Different Indian and foreign companies, financial institutes and individual investors have their money being engaged as share holders in the company of Infosys.


Infosys Technologies Going Global

Infosys Technologies Going Global

Infosys Technologies has an experienced and professional team of governing body that controls the workers perfectly. There are about 153,761 employees working n the company as of 2012. Having revenue of 6.99 billion US dollars as of 2012, the company also holds 7.53 billion US dollars as total assets. It has an operating income of about 2.01 billion US dollars and a profit of 1.71 billion US dollars. These simple and basic facts and figures prove how strong a position has this company held in the current markets. There have been different daughter initiatives taken by the governing body in order to expand their business further. Some of the most famous names are Infosys Foundation and Infosys Labs.

Infosys Technologies is one of the leading organizations that hold the torch light of modernization in the progressive marathon of the world. There have been one or two complaints though from the customers regarding lawsuits, but Infosys Technologies was never proved wrong. Honest and hard working skillful technologists are always on their toe to keep on improving their products and services and flourish further. While technology is presently man’s best friend, this company plays a major role in the IT industries and is one of its key players.

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