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BlackBerry Smartphones: Now Get the World in Your Palm

Posted by rafael on January 14, 2013 in Equipment

When it comes to style, durability and functionalities, you wouldn’t like to go for anything available unless it is a “Blackberry.” Blackberry smart phones are the first choice of those people, who are either a business man or like to stay updated. These mobiles have an inbuilt operating system, which is yet another advancement of technology over time. Operating system inbuilt phones are known to offer better connectivity unlike that provided by ordinary phone. Mobile world has taken a long leap and so as the Blackberry mobiles. The latest Blackberry mobiles flaunt functionalities such as high resolution camera, web browsers, touchscreens, GPS navigation and many other features. For more details, visit articlesweb.org. In this article, you would come to know more about BlackBerry smartphones and why it is a must-have gadget for every tech loony.

At present, Blackberry smartphones are among the best mobiles available in the market. All of its gadgets run through BlackBerry operating system. BlackBerry was founded by Research in Motion (RIM), which launched their very first pager in 1999. The brand has introduced a generous range of smartphones to meet the budding demands of mobile users. Smartphones introduced by the brand also features facilities like instant messages (IM) and push emails.

If you are much into multimedia thing, then along with strong encrypted security system, you get media players (portable), personal digital assistance (PDA), browsers and camera to amuse yourself. They are also high in demand due to their proprietary instant messenger called BlackBerry Messenger.

BlackBerry Operating System:

BlackBerry’s operating system was developed by RIM, which was designed to be used in various BB devices supporting Java platform and WAP. Blackberry has also launched its latest OS version 7 in handsets such as Blackberry Curve 9360, BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Torch 9810/9850/9860.



BlackBerry Served With Tried and Tested Formula:

In 2002, the very first Blackberry smartphone was launched in the market by RIM. Earlier RIM concentrated only on corporate messaging and email facilities. But with the advent of latest smartphones and growing market competition, RIM evolved and has upgraded its services.

Pros of BlackBerry Smartphones:

  • The OS- BlackBerry’s OS is hailed as one of the strongest mobile OS in the market; because when compared to other devices, it provides best management system for contacts, email clients and calendars. Due to its user friendly interface and lots of useful features, it become ideal for businessmen as it makes their tasks much easier.
  • Life of battery- The battery life provided by Blackberry is optimal as it gives hours of standby time and talk time and hence is best for the business users who get more in return of less power consumption.
  • Durable- Blackberry provides handsets which instead of looking intricate and delicate are rather durable and provide longevity. Blackberry introduces a wide range of devices which are reliable and can live the pressure of heavy work.
  • BlackBerry Messenger- BlackBerry is popular for its proprietary messenger called BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). BBM is used for the exchange of messages. Images and videos can be shared with BlackBerry smartphone users.

The Only Drawback:

The only negative aspect of BlackBerry smartphones is their weak web browsing, which is quite slow in comparison to Android mobiles.

Resource Box: Nidhi Shrivastava has written this article. At present, she writes articles for various blogs and websites. For more information on Blackberry mobiles, please visit articlesweb.org.

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