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Electronic Waste

Posted by rafael on May 21, 2012 in Technology

Electronic waste or E-Waste is considered to be a popular and informal name for electronic products which tend to near the end of their useful life. Waste items which are no longer of any significant use include computers, TV sets, VCR’s, stereos, copiers and cell phones. These products can be reused however and refurbished and most definitely recycled. What many are oblivious to however is that electronic discards is actually one of the fastest growing segments of America’s waste stream, which is an astonishing fact to say the least.

Electronic waste

Electronic waste

Electronic waste streams are defined in light of the Electronic Waste Recycling Act which was promulgated in 2003. The systems which recover and recycle them are adminstiravely regulated beyond the universal waste rules.

Some researchers have gone on to estimate that about 75% of the old electronics are in storage. This in part can be explained because of the ambiguity which surrounds the management of the materials by those who confront products which are of no use anymore. The increase advances of technology and new products headed towards the market would definitely make ‘E-Waste’ a popular topic and something that needs to be contemplated over so that it could be properly utilized to serve other purposes.

Electronic waste is not considered to be hazardous in general but some electronic items tend to contain materials which render them to be hazardous, for example VCRs and Television sets. In any case the mantra of “reduce reuse and recycle” should apply so that E waste is utilized to the maximum. The key however, is to reduce the generation of e-waste through smart procurement and proper maintenance which is a combination that is difficult to attain. Reusing the functioning equipment is definitely worth it as compared to simply discarding it.

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