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Electrical Power Car For Safer Environmental

Posted by rafael on September 27, 2011 in Technology

BMW released their new series of BMW Hybrid. The new series is BMW Hybrid 7. Most of the BMW Hybrids exterior designs look classy and stylish in it way. Hybrid 7 interior designs are stylish, comfortable and elegant. The seats are decorated with light brown leather color. Hence, it enhances the elegant in this car. In addition, the cockpit represents the elegant and modern functionality along with leather seats. Total, it adds beautiful and modern looks on in the interior design. It means that the seats, extended air conditioning and entertainment systems completed the cars. In the other case, BMW Hybrid 7 uses BMW Twin Power Turbo V8 engines. BMW twin power has twin turbochargers that increase the speed and performance of the cars. Besides, it has the capability to reduce the fuel consumption and emission into better level. When the engine accelerates, the motor moves immediately in increasing performance of the BMW Hybrid 7. The engine designs are cylinders or valves. It has the capability of 4,395 (ccm).

Electrical Power Car For Safer Environmental

Electrical Power Car For Safer Environmental

Best of all, the energy is generated from electric motor in BMW Active Hybrid 7. Hence, it will increase the performance. In this case, the electric motor turns into generator when the driver takes his foot from the accelerator. In this case, the generators convert excess kinetic energy into electricity for the car. Besides, there are several ergonomics and safety installed in the car. Safety alerts are lane change warning, lane departure warning, camera systems, active safety, passive safety, speed limit info and emergency call.

Other than that, there are head-up display, iDrive, driver orientation, park air conditioning, adaptive headlights and BMW night vision. Hence, the ergonomics and safety has been the main priority in BMW designs. These criteria enhance the credibility of BMW Active hybrids for family orientation cars. Hence, the family can drive without any worries on the health and safety of their children.

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