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Wood Spiders

Posted by rafael on June 27, 2012 in News

Have you ever heard about wood spiders?  Wood spiders are generally the nickname used for huntsman spiders.  These are composed of more than 1000 varieties of species.  These can be differentiated through their affinity towards woody areas. Huntsman Spiders can be found in different places all around the world. You can find them in different sizes, attract different prey as well.  Read on to know more about these types of spiders.

Wooden Piles

Just as the name suggests, wood spiders get attracted to wood. If there are any firewood lying around in your home, then as days passes by you can find it as a home for huntsman spiders. Though they nest up their home in walls, they usually take shelter under woods, irrespective of its type.  They generally lay eggs under loose wood and thus, it is obvious to find them under tree barks in forest.

Wood Spiders

Wood Spiders

Their Food

These spiders usually feed on small insects and in case of there any kind of infested area, then huntsman spiders get attracted easily. Cockroach is one among their main food. Thus, many people willingly grow these in their home in order to get rid of cockroaches. In addition to that few grow these in their garden in order to eliminate pests.

Spider Bite

Usually wood spiders do not bite humans, even if they do, it is not considered as dangerous. You may sometimes feel small itching or painful swelling, which can be treated using antiseptic and cold pack in order to relieve the swelling. If you still come across any allergy, you can consult a physician.

Preventing Wood Spiders

You can prevent the invasion of wood spiders by neatly arranging loose woods in clean and dry place. In addition to that you can even caulk the cracks in your walls. Few people even grow geckos in order to fight against these spiders.

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