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Western Theme Party Ideas

Posted by rafael on September 12, 2012 in News

The role people play in society shape at some extent their relationships with the social environment they interact. Therefore, people should behave according to certain socially accepted behavior patterns in order to meet the expectations of the social environment in which they perform their duties and even in some cases to safeguard their positions.

Nevertheless, people also have desires, dreams or personal aspirations that not always match exactly with those linked to its area of social performance. In those cases dreams are often hidden, and people use metaphorical forms of discourse and image to express them. This is a process that begins with an impulse, a sudden strong and unreflecting urge or desire to act, next continues with a conscious internal desire and finally materializes through action.

Parties can be seen as specific popular expressions that take place within a larger social scheme. All kind of parties serve to a certain point as a catharsis, what implies a temporary relief of people’s social duties and discipline. As such parties are considered as illusory events or situations and their organization regarded as “necessary”.

Particularly, fancy dress parties can serve as a materialization of people’s fantasies by opening the doors to suppressed desires. Thus, the assumption of roles through costumes may respond to people’s wishes. However, as fantasies may also be incongruent, sometimes disguises actually represent the opposite to what they are showing, confirming the illusory character of these parties.

While the origin of  fancy dress parties in the West dates back to the 18th century in England, and were mainly linked to the celebrations of the richest classes, they evolved over time and in 1940 they already were typical events fo the whole population in many Western countries. The nowadays trends are closely linked to the celebration of theme parties.

Western Theme Party

Today people are looking for original, unique and different parties. This is precisely the concept behind the theme parties, which are based on picking a topic for a party that serves both, logistics and decoration. This way the host thinks about a topic for the party and plans everything accordingly in order to project a specific meaning.

According to several studies theme parties are a great success, even though many people do not know what these parties are or not heard a simple word about them. Nevertheless, once people go to a theme party they like them very much and keep taking part in the followings. Therefore, theme parties have become a quite common activity. Those days when fancy dress parties were almost exclusively related to children’s birthday have gone. Actually, the former usual parties, where people used to go just to spend some time together, are being replaced by theme parties considering that these can offer an extra dose of fun.

However, as any other social event, a theme party implies a great effort of planning in order everything goes as expected. Although most of the people have already taking part in theme parties, there are different ideas, elements, techniques and tips that could be useful. Below we are going to review some of them.

Western Theme Party Ideas

First it is important to define the subject. It could be a historical era, a popular movie, an element, a fashion character, or whatever we want. Nevertheless, if we want to choose a topic that pleases most of the people it is convenient to think carefully about the preferences and the range’s age of guests.

Of course people are all different, but for sure that they also have in common, and you should take advantage of that in order to choose the theme for your party. Particularly in the case of adults’ parties there are some ideas that are usually welcomed, such as Medieval or Roman era, the 60s, or the 80s. Other themes that are also accepted are music groups such as The Beatles or the Rolling Stones, cartoon characters or popular movies.

The theme parties neither are necessarily expensive, nor should force people to look for complex costumes, since actual simple ideas can work well. For instance, it could be an ears’ party. Nothing is simplest than pasting a pair of ears to a headband. Hence, you could elaborate a little more your personal disguise in order to excel among other people. Another easy idea is a hat’s party.

It is possible to select a specific hat style like Panama, Pork Pie, Pith Helmet or Top Hats, among others, or to leave the choice open to everyone; the important thing is to wear something in your head. An ugly sweater party is also a quite simple theme. Most people have a weird or ugly sweater that do not use anymore, but even if you do not have one it is easy to buy one in a second hand store.  A pretty popular idea is to organize an “everything but clothes”. Although this idea is a little more complicated, it is fairly creative, considering that you should cover your body without clothes. What about cardboard boxes or nylon bags?

An important issue of theme parties is to design and send invitation cards for advance, giving guests enough time to look for the right attire. Being part of the party, the cards should be adequately designed to make clear the theme.

The decoration of the place is highly significant too, since it should serve as a complement for the theme. Thus, if you wish to celebrate the party in your home, you ought to clear the rooms that would be used and decorate them accordingly. Do not forget that all elements and accessories should reflect party’s theme, and this includes materials, shapes and colors.

A final tip is linked with the possibility of shooting a video or taking many of pictures. Of course this will not reflect the real time, but it would be great to keep memories of such a party. So, it is a great idea to count with a video or digital camera at hand.

If you need more ideas for Western theme parties, please check the links below.

Are you planning for a Western theme party? With little care and attention you can make the western party a memorable event.  You can make the party attractive with many western party themes. Just keep in mind your party ideas should be simple and it will entertain your guests as well.

Western Theme Party-Invitations and Decorations

A personalised invitation with western themes will delight your guests. You can create personalised posters in coloured paper. Decorate the invitation with bandana or a sheriff badge looks the invitation more attractive. Handing over a cow boy hat with party details is another way to impress the guests.

Western theme party ideas

Western theme party ideas

Create fulfilled decoration in your party area. You can decorate the place with cactus if the party them is desert style. You can also hang cowboy posters, poker cards or brown coat to bring exact theme. Make sure whatever the theme you have selected should give as much fun to the guest.

For kid’s birthday parties, you can place teddy bears, balloons everywhere. Place an attractive table cloth with bouquets at the middle of the table. Western boot dangler is a fun piece to decorate whole party area.

In the party table you can arrange old fashioned party cups, jugs and plates. You can arrange barbecued food items more. Cover chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, or steak with barbecued sauce. Don’t forget to add salsas, chips and other dips.

Western Theme Party- Designer Costumes

Inform the guest to dress in a particular pattern if possible when they arrive to the party. Dress up with cowboy hats, western jeans or coats will change the total mood of the party. You can give your guest a bandana or a special badge, as they will remember the party for years. Just make the party costumes comfortable for all the guests.

Western Theme Party – Party Games

You can arrange certain games and arrange some presents for the winners. You can arrange poker games, card games, game of horse shoes or any other game which will give happiness to your guest as you think.

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