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Titled Miniature or Potbelly Pigs For Sale

Posted by rafael on July 5, 2012 in News

There are websites that offer pigs for sale to the highest buyer and then there is websites that have the prices that pigs are sold for. Suppose a someone  wants to buy a pig and he would go to the one that has pigs for sale to look at their prices and on this one website, they actually offer what is called an Aristotle Chocolate Pocket Nano Miniature Pig which only weighs about sixteen pounds when he is fully grown.  Aristotle is bright, funny, and full of energy. He is used to people, so that when he reaches his new owners they will bond better as owner and pet.   His regular price is $4500. , but for a while he is on sale for $4000.

Titled Miniature or Potbelly Pigs For Sale

Titled Miniature or Potbelly Pigs For Sale

There is another website that is called the Potbelly Pig Rescue and they have potbelly pigs to buy if you pass their requirements for the pig.   There is a whole page of potbelly pigs that need a good home to go to and here are some of the names of potbelly pig.   They are Licorice, Stephanie, Zeek,  Zudhi, Lulu, and Zoey, Munchkin, Falcon, Molly, Simon Francois, and Carly.   There are more to choice from, so if anyone is wanted a potbelly pig for a pet, just look up their website and go from there.  Pig prices from this website are $600.00 for neutered or spayed piglets with their vaccination, deworming, health certificate, microchip, and permanent registration papers.    Shipping the potbelly pig is one hundred and eighty five dollars and a fifty dollar refundable kennel deposit.  If you adopt two pigs at one time, there is a one hundred dollars discount on the second pig.

There are more websites on the internet that will tell you the prices that you need to know.  If you live in a farm, the perfect would be a potbelly or miniature pig.

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  1. Angie smith
    Posted 2012/08/19 at 4:51 PM

    I have wanted a pig my whole life I live on a farm

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