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Tattooed Genitals

Posted by rafael on May 11, 2012 in News

Tattoos are always borne by those who have the courage to bear the pain of needles pricking and those who don’t let society determine the way of their life. Recently the idea of getting inked has been welcomed by all age groups. Some sport tattoos for religious reasons, as a mistake, just for fun, or to express their feelings to their loved ones. With people wanting a simple small tattoo, there are those who get almost their whole body inked. Genital tattooing is a very unique kind of tattoo. Though tattoos have gained immense popularity, genital tattoos are very rare. The reasons behind this are, few tattoo artists refuse to exhibit their skill by tattooing the genitals, the skin in this area is very sensitive, the tattoo is not publically visible and the area is always covered by hair.Yet, there are some different people who love getting their private parts inked. Often the choice in favor of genital tattoos is for creative reasons, to imitate pubic hair with decorative designs, or they might not have place on their body for anymore tattoos. Most men like transforming their penis into a trunk of an elephant or a nose, creating an illusion. Women enjoy covering their genitals with the faces of animals.

People also enjoy transforming their nipples into something unique giving their nipples more substance.More often genital tattoo is done by heavily tattooed people, who believe in not leaving any part of their body in the original state. Almost the entire genital area can be tattooed including the pubic area and the outer labia, the head of the penis and even the skin of the scrotum. These tattoos are undoubtedly very painful as they take more time for healing with respect to their size. Unlike normal tattoos which are exposed, these private part tattoos are sported by the ‘hardcore’.

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