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Tattoo Ambigram Generator to Design Ambigrams

Posted by rafael on May 23, 2012 in News

Tattoos have been part of the human history for centuries. Although the first written records about tattoos date back to the 18th century, when the british naturalist Joseph Bank reported about the expeditions performed by Captain James Cook, the fact is that several archaeological studies report that such an ancient civilization as the Phoenicians already used to tattoo their bodies.

Generally speaking tattoos are created by inserting colored substances under the skin. According to several sources, the first tattoos should have been created by chance, when someone taking care of a wound rubbed it with ash and when the wound was cured this person realized that the ash mark remained there permanently.

Nowadays tattoos are considered a personal expression, a way people use to talk about themselves, a mode to expose their inner being that is closely linked to the individual universe. They represent a wide variety of values, feelings, beliefs, ideologies or affections that people wish to make explicit for others to know. This way, people reassert a sense of difference, of uniqueness and even their belonging to specific social groups.

Tattoos designs are quite varied and can include images, texts, symbols, or different combinations among them. One of the most used and popular is the ambigram tattoos.


An ambigram is an expression (phrase, word, symbolic representation, etc.) that you can look and read from different perspectives or directions (horizontally, vertically, rotated, etc.) without losing the meaning. The meaning could have a variation or could continue being the same still the expression preserves sense and signification.

According to several publications the first known ambigram dates back to the late 19th century when the artist, writer and illustrator of books for children Peter Newell, had the idea of creating books with pages that could be read both face up and face down. Particularly interesting results what Newell did with his book Topsys and Turvis, when at the last page of the book appears the phrase “The End”, that if inverted can be read “Puzzle”.

From this point on it was possible to begin reading the book again. Later ambigrams were developed along 20th century by different artists like John Langdom, Robert Petrick, Scott Kim, until in 1979 the famous professor Douglas Hofstadter, published his famous book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, where coined the term ambigram.

There are four characteristics that make ambigrams greatly attractive. First, their symmetry, that transmits a highly appreciated in arts feeling of balance and proportion. Secondly, they awake people’s curiosity, as they give the impression that this was something impossible to accomplish; nevertheless, you are looking at it in front of you.

On third place, an ambigram is a kind of problem to solve that demands a high degree of analytical and artistic thinking. Finally, the creation of ambigrams can be seen as a process that explores and incentive people’s creativeness; once you are involved with ambigrams you feel yourself challenged and it is not simple to leave from this activity.

Ambigram Tattoos

Thus, what is so attracting regarding ambigram tattoos? The fact is that a large quantity of people feels attracted by those art works that demand to look further and deeper into imagination. The ambigrams tattoos are precisely a sort of enigma, a quite unique expression of people feelings, that although are publicly exposed in people’s bodies require you to look for a few answers.

On the other hand, they also represent a particular combination of a non-determined number of typographic elements that allow you to discover new words or phrases behind the apparent ones. Finally, when the hidden enigma is uncovered, you might be surprised or even astonished by the novel way those words or phrases have been linked together in order to express those specific ideas.

Dealing with ambigrams tattoos you get involved into a creation process where you will explore the possibilities offered by different typographic elements. In your head you already have the idea, the phrase, or even the words you would love to use, although it is not possible to foresee the exact way this will be done or what the final artistic result will be. The design and generation of ambigram tattoos demands considerable effort, intelligence and imagination.

Ambigram Tattoo Generators

Contrary to what numerous people believe, being an ambigram tattoo designer does not mean just crafting new words, phrases or letters. The central point is that a designer is creating novel associations among them, and at the same time he should preserve their original meaning in order they could be understood.

The design process begins by choosing the correct word(s) and letters’ graphic shape in order to ensure the word or phrase to be read when you conclude it. There are several letter styles that might look quite impressive in a wide computer screen, but are extremely difficult to read in tight spaces as a forearm, and it does not make any sense to design an ambigram tattoo that can not be understood.

Another important aspect to think about is letter’s relation and proportion in order to guarantee they can be correctly perceived. The selection of color for the letters is also important. For instance, green letters require slight alterations when are rotated in order to be rightly perceived, while red ones do not.

Thanks to the accelerated development of information and communication technologies during the last decades, a recent trend for the design of ambigram tattoos is the employment of ambigram generators. Mainly, these are software or on line tool that assist people to design ambigrams, including those used for tattoos. They offer a wide variety of fonts, templates and designs for ambigrams.

Nevertheless, most of them have costs linked to obtain high resolution ambigrams. It is also essential to remember that although these tools can polish your design, playing a particularly important role in the final production and printing phases, they can no substitute the most important elements for producing a quality anagram, such as your personal ideas and imagination.

Here, there are some sites that compiled lists of ambigram tattoos generators. Enjoy it!

Ambigram can be considered as an art of lettering. It is a design consisting of one or two words that read different when viewed from different angles. The characters are crafted to form ambigrams that can be used to represent one’s expression or belief. One can create ambigrams with the help of an ambigram generator or can design by his/her own.

Today, ambigrams are preferred as tattoo design choices. Choosing ambigrams that have most significance on oneself would be a perfect tattoo. Design a word having similar letters which can be read both right-side up and upside down. Some examples include Family and Honesty, Papa and Jedi, Family and Forever or any pair of names that can be made in to ambigrams.

Tattoo Ambigram Generator to Design Ambigrams

Tattoo Ambigram Generator to Design Ambigrams

Write down the words or names that you have chosen on a paper. For lettering styles, art books or websites that have samples of Roman lettering, old English or gothic style can be referred. Try making changes in the lettering style so the word will read different from different positions. As an example, one can draw the letter ‘i’ which also appears like ‘l’.

One can go for a tattoo ambigram generator to sketch out the design. It will give a variety of possible styles of the word. You just need to type in the word or a phrase and check the results. Buy the design and take it to a tattoo artist of your choice. He will change it into stencil with which the design can be placed as a permanent tattoo on the body part.

Designing with ambigram generator requires words that can be converted to ambigram. Usually, the tattoo is designed in a circular pattern or in a straight line. The preferred locations where the ambigram tattoo can be placed are arms or ankle so that the words can be read from different positions.

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