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Passion for Jesus Tattoos

Posted by rafael on July 29, 2012 in News

A large number of tattooing especially Jesus tattoos have religious connotations and relate to Christianity and its culture. Jesus Christ who is the face of Christianity itself had a great impact not only on Christianity but the whole world, its culture, outlook and history. That’s why Jesus tattoos are a much-loved frenzy not just in religious circles but also amongst young generation.
Different people have their own perceptions about God, and they express their faith through the use of different images, symbols and totems. Most of the tattoos, one way or another, relate to the faith of a person apart from tattoos used by different cults and gangs all over the world. One of the oldest forms of the tattooing is religious tattooing.

Most of these tattoos were for the purpose of representing social hierarchy, embellishment and identification. The word tattoo has its roots from the Samoan word tatau.The art of tattooing is an old Eurasian practice 3300 BC ago. Tattooing was mostly related to criminals and bandits in ancient china. Hannah and Mehndi is a popular Islamic form of tattooing as mostly Muslim girls embellish their hands and feet using Hannah dye. Many Indonesian tribes have rich tattooing culture as it was very much in vogue in pre-Christian German and Celtic people who used to tattoo their bodies quite heavily. Even Japan didn’t leave behind in this regards and had a rich culture of tattooing dating back to Jomon period approximately 10,000 BCE) .
Tattoos of Christian symbols like cross and Jesus’ fish are much in demand besides. Even rock stars like Justin Bieber has Jesus tattoos on his chest and has recently added another on his left calf. As we know Justin is an idol of the youth all over the world and they closely follow his activities so there is little wonder that his huge fan following will follow suit with Jesus tattoos on their Chests and left calves.

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