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Partition Wall a Separation Wall

Posted by rafael on June 8, 2012 in News

Vertical structures that are intended to protect an area are called as wall. Huge walls were used as barriers in early days. It will support the roofs and ceilings of a building. Walls will serve as a separation between rooms. These walls are termed as partition wall. These are non load-bearing walls with a 75mm thickness. Such walls will help in using the available space more practically. These walls are constructed using bricks or concrete. Glass blocks and timbers are also used to construct partition wall.

Partition Wall a Separation Wall

Partition Wall a Separation Wall

Office partitioning which is also called internal partitioning is made up of plasterboards or glass. Low iron glass is a kind of glass that escalates light and heat transmission. Low iron glass is also termed as opti-white glass. Timber partition includes a wooden framework held by the floor. Fiber cement can be used to construct walls in wet areas like tiling in kitchen and in bathrooms. For temporary partitions, galvanized sheets can be used. The sheets should be fixed to a piece of wood. Concrete is used to construct reinforced partition walls. Metal framed partitioning that includes studs and tracks are also available.

Partition wall is constructed as a separation within a room space or between rooms. If a room is large enough, it can be partitioned to make a study room or a dressing room. An additional room for a child can be constructed using wallboards or light wood panel as a partition wall. You can opt for a temporary partition or a permanent partition. Temporary partition wall can be constructed using a metal frame.  Timber frame can also be used as a wall. Sliding partitions are also available that can be used for rooms that are frequently opened to obtain a large area. A room can be permanently divided into two partitions using a concrete wall or timber wall.

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