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Muscle Dysmorphia

Posted by rafael on August 4, 2012 in News

Muscle Dysmorphia is called another name also and that name is bigorexia.  Sometimes, this disease is also called Reverse Anorexia Nervosa or the Adonis Complex.   Muscle Dysmorphia is a disorder in which the person because obsessed with the defects of his or her body.  Mainly, the person thinks their body is either too small or too skinny.
The person is probably about average weight and height.  They want to be more like their ideal person who they have put into center attention in the brain’s eye.  They dream about being and looking just like their ideal person.

muscle dysmorphia

muscle dysmorphia

The person that is suffering from this illness often says to themselves negative or degraded things out loud over and over.  It becomes a natural and automatic behavior that they pick up to do daily.  They will say things like “I am, so skinny it makes me sick to look at myself!” or “I am too small even to see in the mirror!”
This illness will affect the person’s mood toward life and other people.  Thinking and talking negative things to oneself takes a toll on someone.  They will not believe anyone that tries to tell them the opposite from what they believe.  The person will get depressed or have a feeling of disgust toward themselves.
They will be constantly comparing themselves against other people and they think they are not as good as the other person.  They will find little things to complain and obsessed about.  Their nose has a little lump on it, their mouth isn’t the right shape, or their chin is too square.  They will find anything to tell themselves that they don’t compare to the other guy.
They are constantly examine themselves in the mirror to see if they can find something else that might be wrong with them and they are always comparing themselves to someone else they think is perfect or almost perfect in their eyes.

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