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Miscarriage Tissue Pictures and its Symptoms

Posted by rafael on August 28, 2012 in News

A miscarriage is a bad news among the married women who needs a kid. Miscarriage can also be termed as spontaneous abortion. The miscarriage takes place when the pregnancy process stops before the survival of the fetus. Any kind of vaginal bleeding other than spotting can be a symptom or a threat of miscarriage. The miscarriage tissue is the tissue that comes out when the pregnancy process stops spontaneously. There are different stages of miscarriage and all looks different. The stages of a miscarriage can be found out with the help of miscarriage tissue pictures.

Miscarriage Tissue Pictures and its Symptoms

Miscarriage Tissue Pictures and its Symptoms

Some women have miscarriage many times and they treat it as it’s a heavy period. This is called multiple early miscarriages. The miscarriage tissue pictures look somewhat same as a heavy menstrual period and blood clots in few numbers. This occurs after six weeks. This is the process by which body passes the fetus out there by stopping the pregnancy process. Some of the miscarriage tissue pictures have blood clots that are larger in size and is bright red in color. The sizes of the miscarriage tissue are different. Some are as small as a pea nut and some can be as the size of an orange.

The smaller one is the fetus and the larger one is the embryo. The size depends upon the time, the fetus remains inside the body. The miscarriage can take place after the third and fourth weeks as well. There is no specific time for the miscarriage to happen. If the fetus doesn’t survive then that leads to the miscarriage to happen and stop the pregnancy process. Statistics say that more than 80 percentage of miscarriage happens until the first 12 months during pregnancy process. The first symptom of miscarriage is the irregular vaginal bleeding. One should not be scared of not getting pregnant again after the miscarriage because women do get pregnant and delivers.

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