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Marc Chagall Paintings Collection

Posted by rafael on June 28, 2012 in News

During the 20th century, Marc Chagall becomes one of the well-known artists that introduced numerous artistic styles in the world of art. Chagall also declared as the quintessential Jewish artist that commences Marc Chagall Paintings Collection that you will surely love.One of the most amazing collections of Marc Chagall Paintings is the “La Mariee” that features delicate lines and bright colors that represents sensitivity and spirituality of Chagall’s childhood years.

Marc Chagall Paintings Collection

Marc Chagall Paintings Collection

Another painting was entitled The Concert that features a colorful painting with different kinds of people’s emotion and characteristics. Birthday is another art of Chagall that a figure of a man and a woman holding flowers on a certain place. Next is the Amorous de Vence that figures two lovers with a goat on the top of the hill in a colorful painting feature. The Dream is another artwork of Chagall that features a father who is trying to comfort her daughter while sitting on a bed with the guidance of an angel. It was painted in a dark blue color that represents the night with several houses.

There are other artworks of Marc Chagall Painting collection such as La Branche that features a woman that comes from the tree and man fighting with the evil donkey; On the Roof of Paris that features a colorful painting that represents courtship, happiness, enjoyment, and a plentiful living; The Blue Violinist that features a man playing a violin with a bird on the should and two birds on the lap which represents an emotions and spirituality of longing; Le Couple that features a lovely young couple that surrounds with different circumstances; Lovers in Moonlight that features a lovers alone into the night with the guidance of an angel; and Lovers with Bouquet that features two lover with a bouquet of flowers that represents courtship and love.

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