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Manchester United Jersey for Home and Away Games

Posted by rafael on April 21, 2012 in News

An amateur football fan can know if Manchester United Football Club is at home or away simply by observing the Manchester united jersey. Every game has a team that is away or at home. One can see which team is at home or away by observing the colors of the jerseys. Manchester united football club has the red shirt and white shorts when they are at home and a different color when away.

Manchester United Jersey for Home and Away Games

Manchester United Jersey for Home and Away Games

So does the arsenal jersey which can show if the team is at home or away. Apart from the jerseys, one can know a home team from the arena in which the game is being played Chelsea football club plays at the Stamford Bridge which is their home ground. Arsenal football club play at home in the Emirates stadium. Football jerseys therefore, act to identify members of the same team as well as those who are at home or away. One can also know which team is at home by checking the tickets.

The team that is listed first on the ticket is the one that is at home while the one listed below is the one that’s away.  In a football game one needs some special wear apart from the jersey to protect one against the elements and keep one warm especially when they are on the bench or spectating. Such gear includes the soccer jacket which are common with many coaches especially the Arsenal Coach. Jerseys are given as a complete ensemble from the head to the boots. Some players prefer using their own brand of boots though. Recently, the adidas F50 boots have been a common feature with many football players.

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