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Mammal Cladogram- The Tree of life Evolution

Posted by rafael on April 10, 2012 in News

A cladogram is a classification of different species of organisms into several groups, called as clades. It starts from the ancestors to all its descendants. Cladograms are considered as rooted trees and the networks forms the non rooted ones. According to the taxonomical study of biological naming and identification there are five kingdoms of living being, it includes animalia, fungi, plantae, protista and monera. Later taxonomical studies led to the proposal of more defined kingdoms.

Mammal cladogram- The tree of life evolution

Mammal cladogram- The tree of life evolution

Mammals are one of the traits under animalia category. Due to their special characteristics, they got separated from other group of living beings. They are warm blooded in nature, have hair or fur on its body, two set teeth with single replacement over entire lifetime, intelligent brain, shape of skull, four chambered heart, lungs for respiration, presence of mammary glands for making their young ones, constant temperature maintenance etc make mammal a different among the other groups.

Some mammals lay eggs for making their young ones, they are called as monotremes. The main traits of mammals include rodents, primates, carnivores, cetaceans, tree shrews, bats, anteaters, aardvarks, marsupials and many others. According to their food habits mammals are classified into carnivores that consume other animals as food, herbivores, that treats only trees and herbs and omnivores that eat both animals and tree types. Some studies reveals about another group called insectivores that consume only insects. To arrange all these mammal categories based upon some common criteria a scientific method of grouping is followed, it results in the development of mammal cladograms.

They can be prepared on different basis. There is no specific rule, by which a cladogram is to be made. The cladogram with warm blooded animals will be different when compared to cold blooded ones. We can draw mammal cladograms on whatever basis we need. But the only specification is that the descendant groups should be followed from the ancestors. According to their existence and appearance mammal cladograms are made.

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