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Healthy Meat: Organic Meat

Posted by Vinícius Guimarães on July 6, 2012 in News

Worldwide daily meat consumption per capita has increased by staggering amounts over the last few decades. This exponential rise in meat consumption has lead to a subsequent increase in heart-related problems, higher cholesterol and a general increase in lethargy. To add on, this increase in meat consumption has lead to harmful environmental impacts due to excessive use of fertilizers.

From a health-conscious perspective, wholesale meat has been stripped of its nutritional values due to mass-manufacturing processes that use unnatural methods to raise cattle and then produce meat. Organic meat provides people with a healthy and more environmentally safe solution because of its safer raising methods.

Healthy Meat: Organic Meat

Healthy Meat: Organic Meat

 It is believed that organic meat is safer for consumption due to more holistic methods of farming unlike current ways which are sometimes referred to as chemical farming. Organic meat can be healthier because less chemicals are used during the preparation stages. The cattle are not fed hormones or antibiotics, thus allowing them to grow at a natural and normal pace and no preservatives are used to maintain a glossy supermarket feel to the meat. The animals are also fed healthy feed that does not contain any GMOs.

Another advantage is that organic meat protects the welfare of animals by prohibiting sequestering them in inhumane ways that do not allow room for any mobility. The animals are not confined to cages and most people feel a sense of relief knowing that the animals were not mistreated in the process.

Organic meat also impacts the environment positively. No pesticides are used during the making or organic products so they do not pose an environmental hazard. Organic farmers and herders use considerably less energy and emit less waste. Organic products can be of benefit not only to overall human health but also to the environment.

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