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Cute Baby Footprint Tattoos

Posted by rafael on July 10, 2012 in News

Based on nowaday`s trend, a lot of mothers opt for baby footprint tattoos. And what`s the reason for this fact? The answer isn`t hard: more and more mothers are wishing to always remember how their little ones made their first steps in their earliest stages or to remember how did the feet of their born baby looked like. Taking a photo and putting this into a photo frame is not something that they can take with them everywhere. But a tattoo remains at the same place – on the part of the body that people opt to have it. Unfortunately, for mothers who have lost their children this fact is painful, and tht`s why thy sometimes opt for the baby footprint tattoos, to defeat the missing if their little ones.

Cute baby footprint tattoos

Cute baby footprint tattoos

Generally, used colors for baby footprint tattoos are black and grey, as being the common colors. But it`s not a rule that you need to limit yourself to these. Tattoos made with multiple colors are also beautiful and look great on the skin. Mostly, blue and pink are used in tattoos to distinguish the babies between boys and girls.
Are you thinking where to print the tattoo? You have to print it on a place where you always see it. Generally, people out baby footprint tattos on both of their feet. However, this isn`t another rule. You can print the tattoo where you want to. Notice that baby footprint tattoos look fine on shoulders, neck and back, too.
The best idea for baby footprint design is to print the foot and the name of the baby. Many people also opt for the date of their birth and the size that their baby had in the moment when he or she was born. There are a lot of excellent baby footprint tattoo ideas online, but you shouldn`t opt for those. Try to think of simething unique, that`s a stronger parenthal feeling, thus the tattoo representing the warm relationship the baby and mother.

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