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Church Ushers

Posted by rafael on July 23, 2012 in News

Church ushers are officials, whose business is that of forerunner, introducing strangers to the church, walking before people of rank and acting as a doorkeeper in the church. They are usually officer of the church in which they serve. They usually introduce strangers to the church by having the strangers sign visitor’s cards. These church officials help church pastors and priests to make church services successful by ensuring that the congregation is in the right mental frame to receive the preaching or teachings of the day.

Church ushers meet the congregation with a warm welcome, a pleasant smile, while directing the people to their seats. It is the responsibility of these church officials to ensure that order is kept in the church. A church usher is a forerunner in that he or she prepares the church for visitors and guests by arriving first in the church. He or she will ensure that the church is in the right condition. A church usher will usually receive the order of the day from the pastor of the church. He or she is in charge of all the items and literature to be distributed during the church service.

Church Ushers

Church Ushers

These church officials are also some of the most prominent missionaries of the church for they ensure that the spirit of the church is in the whole congregation. You must understand that church ushers are not a thing of the evangelicals. They are church officials who are recognized in the mainstream churches. They are also charged with the responsibility of handling situations that arise in the church with composure and courage.

In the Episcopal Church, they are involved in helping the priest in giving out the Eucharist. They are collect offerings and clean the church after the service or mass. Lastly, they ensure that by time they leave the church, the church is ready for next service, as it has been cleaned.

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