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Church Bulletin: Humor or Spiritual

Posted by rafael on August 23, 2012 in News

 I am a follower of bulletins around the world like sports bulletin, news bulletin or for spiritual purposes even Church Bulletin. Now it is actual and individual`s taste as to how and what they would like to see or create or be well informed.

For youngsters like me and you it has o be the global news but for once it is always good to see Church Bulletin as it draws us near to our faith in terms of worshipping it, learning it and then spreading the holy message of it.

But lot of people take these Church Bulletins as joke and would post awful or funny anecdotes that instead of absorbing it spiritually you may end up with disguising smile or an awful look at being seen that.

Church Bulletin: Humor or Spiritual

Church Bulletin: Humor or Spiritual

I remember once seeing this “all 5th std children to stage the play of Romeo and Juliet, please attend to see this tragedy”. I guffawed at seeing that. Well, there was nothing wrong which they wrote except that what I perceived was a bit different.

These Church Bulletin bloopers have made us laugh and made me realize that people can covey messages in a way in which it tickles our funny bone and makes us think what exactly are they trying to say.

Not only that their English is well mildly out of track but it also shows few cartoon which are basically used for humor purposes. Many bulletins have now come up each practically competing the best with the other. Their marketing strategy has generally improved and they have been giving good information regarding our religion, its communion, its mission and the events which takes place from time to time.

They all have been useful in providing the knowledge and information required. With life getting so unpredictable it serves as boon.

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