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CCV Church or Christ s Church of The Valley

Posted by rafael on June 9, 2012 in News

The working of CCV church began in 1982 by Pastor Don Wilson and some followers. The foundation of this group is based on holy Bible. Their first meeting was held in a movie theatre taken for rent. First meeting of this organization was  a success. Hundreds of people were participated in that prayer. With the success of the first meeting, several services were held at Deer Valley High School and strip malls. In 1996, this group bought land in Peoria for their church. Church began its services with all facilities in 2000.

CCV Church or Christ s Church of The Valley

CCV Church or Christ s Church of The Valley

The followers of CCV church consider life as an adventure. These churches are non dominant churches. This church group is situated in multiple locations. Over 17,000 people are attending CCV services now. They were able to direct these much people towards Jesus Christ within these 30 years. This church is working with a motive to make people aware about the adventurous life that Christ bring out. Several services are introduced for all ages including kids, youth, adults and aged people. The services are intended to inspire the people with pertinent songs and messages. This church is truly a world of Christ. The messages and services provided by this church help people to become what God intended them to be.

CCV is a church with one skill and situated at several locations. For reducing the risk of reaching the church at weekends, several CCV campuses are located at multiple sites. Surprise campus, Peoria campus and Scottsdale campus are the three main campuses of CCV. Apart from these three several campuses are placed in different countries. Over eleven churches are there in this group. They mainly arrange weekend services. Details about the services and history of CCV church are available at their website. This church group is functioning with the motive to train and win public to Christ and they are successful in their mission since 1982.

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