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Buddhist Tattoos are a Symbol of Faith

Posted by rafael on June 20, 2012 in News

It was not that long ago that tattoos were a symbol of a dangerous lifestyle or at least an adventurous lifestyle. People with tattoos were marginalized and did not get the same respect as people with clean skin would get. Therefore tattoos were relinquished to bad boys, like motorcycles gang member, street gang member and member of hardcore bands. Actually any gang or band members, for that matter, were the only ones that were able to put some ink in their skin and have some paying job.

But, as anything in this life, things in the tattoo world have changed a lot. And this world has changed a great deal in the last twenty years or so with everyone getting tattoos about almost anything. People would get more ink in their body as a symbol of their ideals and perhaps even to get an eternal memory of their loved ones. After that tattoos became very fashionable and basically everyone in every single class: be it rich or poor, gay or straight, black or white. In short everyone can have a tattoo. But as many more people are getting their ink, which one is the best to show their real style? How to get the tattoo that will show the world what you feel and think?

Choosing Your Tattoo Based in Your Personality

It can be very tricky and complicated to choose your tattoo, especially if it is the first one. There are millions of different pictures you can put in your body and to choose just one, or at least one, will not be very easy. But you can narrow it down with some helpful guidance. For example you can ask yourself what you want have always being your passion, such as music you like, some hobby that has been part of your life or the picture of your loved ones.

All this different tattoos show your personality and how you see yourself. These tattoos are some of the best one for showing the world what you like and are passionate about. But be honest with yourself when planning for the tattoo section because, as you probably know, it can be really difficult to take the tattoo of and you will certainly have some trouble with it as you are unhappy with your choosing.

Another way to go with tattoos is to choose something that are just something funny or simple noncommittal, for example the image of some character of TVs shows and other popular series of movies. May be you want to paint in your body the image of someone famous to show that you like them very much. This can be tricky as you can dislike them in the future, but odds are that something that you like knows you will like in the future. May you not care much about them with the same intensity, but you will certainly have some nostalgic feeling. Any way or another, these type of tattoo is at least funny.

Choosing Your Tattoo Based in Your Faith

Another possibility is to make a statement about your faith. This is actually a pretty good tattoo as most people had just one religion their entire life. And, of course, normally the faith you have had a huge impact in your life. People will have their faith painting in specific places of their body that is most valuable for them.

Normally close to the heart. As there are literally thousand religions in this wide world we could not even try to start talking about all their symbols of faith.  Just to speak of the most famous religions of the world, we can cite the Christians, Muslims and Jews, each with their own perspective of the world and their symbols.

Normally Christian will choose to put a tattoo of a cross in their body, especially in their upper body, close to the heart, which is very meaningful. Jews on the other hand may put a David star here or there, or some other symbols of their faith, like Hebrew letters. There is actually a great Joel and Ethan Cohen movie about one goy that had his lips tattooed with Hebrew letters. But that is a history for another time. While these two faiths have more symbols and can display it, Muslins normally cannot paint anything related to their religion so they will rely on sacred word, especially if it is written in Arabic.

But, as said before, tattoo is not something that is socially accepted, especially in ultra religious communities, so most people will not put a tattoo of their faith in their body. However, there is a symbol of faith that is very common between people that like to get ink in their body. That is, the most common faith symbol that people use in tattoo is one from the Far East; it is from the Buddhist ideology. Buddhism is not a faith in itself, as it has no dogmas to follow and no distinguish hierarchy or special rituals. Buddhism, however, do have some beliefs and some symbols, which nowadays are getting more and more popular with different crowds.

Therefore, interestingly enough, people that has some spirituality have been putting Buddhist symbols in their body to show how they see the world and how they behave in this world. Or at least this what they might think and say to themselves, but no amount of ink can assure you that you are Buddhist, Christian, Jew or anything else. You need to walk the walk, not only talk the talk. In any case to showcase their faith in various part of the body has become some kind of fashion nowadays.

But, then again, interestingly enough some people will put different faith symbols in their body such Buddhist symbols, such as the Ohm and Buda. Not to complain about it, after all, it is their choosing. Just remember that tattoos are something that will be with you forever, or it will be very painful and expensive to take it out.

Today there are some people who express their religious faith into a tattoo. Other people believe that if they have this tattoo they were closer to God. Now a day there are many religions throughout the world. One of these religions is Buddhism. Buddhism is a colorful religion and a prestigious institution. They follow their God Buddha. Buddha will always be a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and self actualization. Many of his followers use his image into a tattoo called Buddhist tattoos. Like many other religious tattoos, this tattoo often believed to carry a spiritual or physical power of protection to the person who wears them. For them, it has a deep meaning that other people cannot understand. It can be the triumph after deep suffering, but only the beholder can understand its meaning.

Buddhist tattoos are a symbol of faith

Buddhist tattoos are a symbol of faith

A Buddhist tattoo is more than fanciful designs for some it represent earth, wind, fire, and water. Most of this tattoos includes the eyes with a spirally nose line below. For many, it represents peace of mind and strong connections for Buddha. Some prefer a traditional Buddha like a statue that is rich colors, done with gold or bronze. There are Buddhist tattoos that symbolize one or more of the teachings of the great Buddha. Most of the artists who make this tattoo are the monks themselves. They believed that the spiritual power of Buddha’s images will fight against demons. The style of this tattoo may range widely, but for some, it is their beliefs that matter most. This tattoo is mostly done at the back portion of the body. Other designs are cartoonish in the style that shows a happy and playful Buddha. There are also tattoos of Buddha’s foot prints showing the path to enlightenment. This could be a text or any spiritual symbols. Some of these tattoos is lively and eye attractive.

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