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Bicep Muscle Ruptures and Its Causes

Posted by rafael on April 10, 2012 in News

Bicep muscles are positioned on the upper arm of human hand. They have two tendons that connect the bones and muscles together. One tendon attaches the muscle to the shoulder bones while the other connects it to the elbow. Biceps muscles helps in movements such as bending elbows and rotating arms.

Bicep Muscle Ruptures and Its Causes

Bicep Muscle Ruptures and Its Causes

ruptured bicep muscle is caused due to intense pressure and strain on the biceps. The muscles that are attached to bone will separate as a result of excessive strain. Also an injury on the muscles will lead to severe pain and fatigue in the area. Two types of tendon rupture are known, complete and partial. A partial tendon tear does not completely separate the bone and muscles. However, a complete tendon tear will break tendons and detach the muscles completely. In the early stages of muscle rupture, the tendon will fray and it should be checked immediately. Else the situation can lead to partial of complete muscle rupture.

Any job that needs heavy lifting can lead to biceps tendon ruptures. It commonly occurs in weightlifters when they have already injured the muscles while lifting. A common exercise that can cause muscle rupture is preacher’s curve. Also one who fails to warm up prior to exercise may develop the risk of tendon rupture on biceps. The excess wear and tear that is caused with repetitive sports like tennis and swimming may increase the occurrence of torn tendons. Sometimes, this can also lead to shoulder disorders such as rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement and Tendonitis.

A sudden sharp pain at the elbows and shoulders is the main symptom of a torn bicep muscle. Partial bicep ruptures are difficult to identify while complete ruptures cause muscle distortion on the arms. It is advised not to work when experience muscle pain. In case muscle ruptures are suspected, the best option is to consult a doctor.

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