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A Dumping Site For Industrial Waste

Posted by rafael on May 21, 2012 in News

Karachi is Pakistan’s single most, bustling metropolis which is also the heart of Pakistan’s industrial activity. Yet the adjacent Arabian Sea and its seawater has become a dumping site for industrial waste which is an unfortunate yet prevalent activity which has been taking place brazenly for many years. Waste which comes from the towns of Korangi, Landhi and the Karachi Export Processing zone has been brazenly dumped into the sea without being held accountable. In Korangi alone for example, over 2,500 industrial units have been disposed as untreated waste onto the sea. This, compounded with a continuous flow of water with animal dung from the notorious Bhains Colony has also become a source of pollution for the sea.

A Dumping Site For Industrial Waste

A Dumping Site For Industrial Waste

Industrial waste being dumped into the sea can gravely affect the fishery economy in Karachi and the areas lying adjacent to it. For example, Oil discharges in the Port Qasim Area which is considered to be the result of shipping activities have also affected marine communities which have paralyzed the local fishing community. Yet many who have witnessed this deplorable activity continuing without being noticed have been quick to blame the CDGK, the City District Government of Karachi, for being the single most, biggest cause of polluting the sea as they have been throwing nearly three tones of waste on a daily basis. This not only deprives fishermen of the returns for toiling hard but has also destroyed the mangrove and marine life.

This is what happens when industrial waste is either not recycled or thrown out into the sea. The ramifications are immense for a country such as Pakistan which is grappling with an economic crisis. Whether or not this issue is given due attention as is target killings, is something which time will definitely tell.


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