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Some Interesting Facts about Animal Eyes

Posted by rafael on April 29, 2012 in Natural Environment

How many of you know that animal eyes are not only used for viewing? They also use their keen hearing sense and breathing signals to know the direction in which they are walking, running, or flying. If you take bats for example, they don’t have powerful eyesight.

In fact, they fly at night and since it is dark, they use sound waves to find out objects on their path. It is a fantastic sight to watch them fly at such amazing speeds in spite of that fact. Usually animals have two kinds of vision systems which include camera type eyes and compound eyes.

The camera type eyes focus on images using their retina while the compound eyes have multiple lenses. In some cases, there could be thousands of lenses. The animals that have the camera type of eyes have many methods to focus lenses on their eyes which can help them find objects even at long distances.

Some Interesting Facts about Animal Eyes

Some Interesting Facts about Animal Eyes

A good example of animals having camera type eyes is the octopus. If you notice carefully, you can find onion layers that can help the animals to focus the light sharply on the object. Similarly, in whales the chamber that is behind the lens empties and fills fluids to push the lens either far or near to the retina which helps them focus on the object accordingly.

Using the functioning of the lobster eyes, researchers created the lens based on the same principle. You would be amazed to find out that certain animals can detect things using their body parts like hearing, sensing, and seeing many miles away. For example the beetle can easily find out if there is a fire occurring more than 60 miles away.

It is truly amazing how animal eyes are put to use. We, humans have a lot to learn about animal eyes.

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