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What Makes A Top Security Safe?

Posted by rafael on February 14, 2013 in Lifestyle

What comes to mind when you think security? A security guard? Laser lines across the floor? Cameras and all manner of obnoxious alarms? If you are like most people and can’t afford the Daddy Warbucks package, consider a traditional safe.

What types of things do people tend to keep in safes apart from money and jewelry?  Also things of emotional value like heirlooms, photo albums and other irreplaceable items should have a place. Not just those but even documents of extreme importance such as birth or marriage certificates, tax documents or business documents as well.

If you own any of these items, then perhaps a safe might be in your future.  It must say something for the trusty box if people for over a century have been putting their most trusted valuables in these containers.

Types of Security Features

Though the locks have developed the idea has remained the same. Yet though the years more security features have been added to make the traditional safe even more … safe.

  • Diversion: Some people like to disguise their safes but that doesn’t necessarily make them any more secure. Yet nevertheless, if the burglar can’t find the safe, it would make it a little more secure wouldn’t it? These diversion or hidden safes can be as simple as a wall safe that is hidden behind a family portrait or as complicated as a false wall socket that would fool even the most advance burglars. One can even utilize the classic hidden book safe to really feel clever.
  • Lock: The lock on the safe is crucial and very specific to the owner. Were you a pro at your locker combination in high school? Do you like the idea of punching in a key pad your own secret code? Or perhaps you want fast access and to feel a little like James Bond when you access your items with a biometric (finger scanner) lock.
  • Security: Apart from the dial combination lock, most safes offer additional security features like time-lock, auto-lock and auto dialing the police if desired.  If the most high tech security options are in mind, keep the last two types of locks mentioned on the wish list.



Your safe not only needs to guard from pesky burglars but also the elements. Fireproof security safes might be another option. Though commonly sold separately, the fireproof safe more common for temperate sensitive items like heirlooms and photos and the high-security safes more common for high value items, these can be purchased together.  If it makes more sense to store your items together or you just want the most security, ensure your safe meets fire safety limits to ensure protection against just about anything.

The outer material is important to prevent prying, bashing and other break-in methods. Heavy grade steel is the best option but common house safes are strong plastic. Look for double walled doors and walls for the most security.

The inner material is also just as important, depending on what you are planning to store. Look for padded lint-free interior to protect everything from a gun to jewelry to precious heirlooms that need to be stored gently.  If your sole purpose is jewelry, there are specific safes that contain inner chests of wood and fabric liners. Ensure the best safe for your items whatever they are that they are not only protected on the outside but also the inside.

Buy Protection

You are not only buying a safe but also a guarantee from the maker that your items will be protected. Ensure that whoever you buy from offers some sort of protection in the form of a warranty, repair and replacement protection in the event of damage.

So instead of stuffing your great-grandmothers’ priceless necklace in the empty coffee can and your emergency cash in the mattress, consider a safe to really feel protected. Despite your filing cabinet having a key, it really isn’t all that secure. Shocking I know. So protect your assets as well as your identity and memories.  It might look clunky but you’ll be protected.

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