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What Is Built-In Call Recording?

Posted by rafael on February 7, 2013 in Lifestyle

Call recording allows a company to register all telephony communications with customers in order to guarantee that business’ standard procedures are correctly applied, and to promote a better understanding of the client’s needs, history and current state.

Independently of its methods or systems, call recording allows for businesses – especially those with call centre facilities – to develop productivity, to promote better customer service interaction and ultimately, to promote sales and retain clients.

A built-in solution is also known as an integrated call recording. This term refers to a service that is featured on the telephony system whereby calls are automatically recorded as soon as the telephone is answered. Inbound and outbound instant recording is what the built-in functionality will offer, and some telephone systems are already equipped with this function. However, it may not have the option to record and store multiple calls, thus obtaining extra disk space is advised if there is the need to store additional information.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Built-in recording methods may vary depending on the provider, but usually it will mean that the telephony system has a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) system that allows calls to be retained by computers. Although there is most likely a regular monthly fee for telephony services, as it would with any other conventional landline service, there are also costs related to the purchase of a license necessary to acquire this built-in function on a new set or to have it installed. However, it is probably the more cost-effective solution when compared to the alternatives of passive or active call recording where extra equipment must be purchased or rented for additional recording services. This default setting will be operational even if combined with simultaneous phone calls and broad scale operations with multiple agents, although there its capabilities are certainly limited.

This is a preferential solution for businesses that already have specific data software or are planning to integrate such features and, in these cases, the built in recording will provide new information to storage and easier access to its contents without the chance of misuse or human mistake resulting in cut off communication or incomplete recordings. Archives of recorded calls may be consulted according to the subject, client or date and they may be created individually, for each telephone set, as well as for the entire system. Interface with databases and existing software is a feature provided by most of the companies that supply built-in call recording solutions. Upon answering the call, the recording will be automatically started and, in the same way, automatically stopped at the end of the conversation.

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