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Trends in Modern Wedding Photography

Posted by rafael on December 21, 2012 in Wedding

You have been planning your wedding for ages. Every detail has been perfected. Of course, you not only want to make sure every magical moment is captured on that day, you want to share your fun, creative photos with everyone once the event is over. Emerging trends in wedding photography are not only making it easier to share pictures but are also creating new, fresh and interesting photographs to document the important day in a way that captures the personality of the wedding party.

Breaking Away from Tradition

One of the biggest trends right now is the breaking away from the traditional wedding portraits. Photographers are no longer shooting the traditional photos of the wedding party’s family against a dull backdrop. Clients are being shot in more interesting ways. The traditional formality of the photos is being thrown out and replaced with portraits shot on location in places like wineries, cities, and parks. Often, the bride and groom are not just standing, centered in the portrait. They may be kissing or joking around. Also, a picture may just consist of taking a picture of the bride and grooms shoes or rings. Props are also often added into the mix to create unique works of art. Unleash your creativity. Prints of portraits no longer have to stick to the tradition 5×7″ either. Many people now get large wall prints or even get their photos published in photo books to keep and share.

Engagement Sessions

Another emerging trend is the decision to take engagement pictures before the wedding. These are often shot in a similar context to the wedding photos, but are shot sometime between the engagement and wedding. This is a great chance to work with your photographer before your wedding photos and allows a chance to get comfortable with all of the pictures that they will be shooting for you. This is a great opportunity to try new poses, such as holding up a sign that says “I said yes”, laughing with your partner, or trying to make a heart with your hands. The possibilities are truly endless and the idea is to relax and have fun.



Social Media

A great thing about the expanding art of wedding photography are social media sites that can help you find great ideas for your wedding and engagement shoots. Sites such as Pinterest and Flickr have thousands of wedding and engagement photos that are all tagged for easy searching. Looking through pictures on online social media sites can enhance creativity and interaction with friends and family. Everyone can repost and tag their favorite photos to generate inspiration and spawn creativity. The digital age has really helped creativity in wedding portraits flourish.


There are a several emerging trends in wedding photography. There are a lot of websites and other resources that can aid in finding inspiration. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the experience. Do not worry too much about the photos being perfect. Sometimes the imperfect photos turn out to be the best.

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