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5 Tips For Your Wedding Day

Posted by rafael on February 5, 2013 in Wedding

When you photograph as many weddings as I do on a regular basis you learn a lot about what elements help make a wedding go really well. Here are my 5 top tips for making your wedding day as enjoyable as possible:

  • Make it personal – the very best weddings that we photograph are those that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. Whether that’s in terms of the guests they invite, the suppliers they employ, the theme of their wedding, or little details, these are all the things that give couples the chance to really ‘reveal’ their personalities. I implore you to make your wedding truly ‘your own’ and a reflection of ‘who you are’.
  • Take 10 minutes – wedding days go past in a flash. Every wedding client tells us this! One really great tip we picked up from a past client, is for the bride and groom to take 10 minutes out of their wedding day, to go off for a walk and some quiet time together. It’s the perfect way to let the experiences of the day sink in, and spend some important time alone together.
  • Imperfection is perfection – No wedding is perfect- fact! Get the concept of perfection out of your head. Little things often go wrong on a wedding day. Rather than getting upset about them, try to accept them, and even enjoy them. It’s the little imperfections in life that we often look back at with fondness, and it’s exactly the same with your wedding day. Celebrate the imperfect!
Wedding Day

Wedding Day

  • Smile – this tip is closely related to tip number 3. It’s so important that you relax and enjoy your wedding day. After all, isn’t that the whole point? If you are so uptight about everything running exactly to plan, are you really in a position to enjoy yourself? It seems like such an obvious thing, but many couples forget to do this!
  • Pick a great photographer – ok, I know that I am more than a little bit biased here, but there is some really sound logic to this tip. Let me explain- you spend a huge amount of money on the right venue, caterers, and other suppliers, in order to get the wedding of your dreams. And yet, many people then decide to save money by hiring a cheap photographer. Invariably they are disappointed in the results. And you see, once your big day is over, it’s your photographs that you get to keep. They are an emotional record of the most important day of your life! So, please, I implore you, get yourself the best wedding photographer you can afford.

Apply these 5 tips and I promise that you will have a day that you will have sweet memories of for the rest of your life!

Matt is an experienced wedding photographer working at venues across the UK, including Wotton House, and other sought-after locations.

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