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Snake Picture

Posted by rafael on December 2, 2011 in Lifestyle

The Care Is Evething

There are different species of snake found on the earth. Snakes are the gift of nurture. Different snakes like boa, cobra, cottonmouth, garter, gopher, mangrove salt marsh, rat, rattlesnake, pythons, hognose, corn, pine, desert snake and many other snakes are poisonous. Many people spend their life capturing beautiful snake picture. Many people lose their life due to the bite of snakes.

Some snakes are very poisonous and some are not poisonous. Many researchers spend their whole life searching about snake.  Thousand species of snakes are found in the earth and many of them are already extinct from the earth.  However, we should protect snake. Thus, snakes are remarkable animals, successful on land, in the sea, in forests, in lakes and in desert. Some snakes act aggressive toward humans without provocation. Snakes are cold blooded. Thus, they are unable to increase their temperature and stay active when it is cold outside. They do not have back bone. Some snakes grab prey with their teeth and sallow them.

We become very scared when we see snakes in front of us. Therefore, many people love see different species of snake picture. Snakes are found in almost all corners of the world except Antarctica. Snakes come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Snakes have extremely flexible jaws and can sallow which are much larger than their head. The digestive juices kill the victims slowly. Snake plays an immense role to balance the environment. The destruction of snake may cause a great havoc to environment.

Snake Picture

Snake Picture

We all are familiar about the consequences of the huge destructions of snake. If the entire beautiful snake is killed, we will not be able to take snake picture. Needless to say, snake takes carbon monoxide gas in the atmosphere which precisely affects human health. So, the proper conservation of snake is needed. However, snakes are very important to us and they also cause destruction to human life.

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