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How Useful is Marriage Counseling Actually?

Posted by rafael on December 22, 2012 in Relationships

Married couples, newlyweds or those that have been together for a very long period of time will inadvertently run into problems. Yes, the relationships change, they shift and some feel that marriage counseling can give the couple a new lease of life. But what can these sessions actually do for you?

If you’ve ever seen one of the many romantic comedies that Hollywood spews out, it’s impossible that you haven’t seen a marriage counselor helping some couple out. But what is the actual truth of the matter, how effective can the services of these counselors actually be? In truth, many of these counselors are people who have studied psychology and are thus capable of helping people out, to a degree. But, there are of course limits to what anyone can influence others to do or reconsider, especially in a relationship.

How Useful is Marriage Counseling Actually?

How Useful is Marriage Counseling Actually?

What the marriage counseling can actually do is create the premise for the members in the couple to speak their minds, solve their individual and couple problems, making concessions and trying to come to terms with certain problems. There are of course limits to this: if the two individuals have shown interest in solving their problems while arbitrated by the marriage counselor, than it is clear that they understood that they ere having a problem and were on the path to seeking for a solution. But many couples cannot do that, many don’t accept that they are under distress, that they are confronted with problems that they should solve. Sometimes communication is scarce or lacking in these couples and without the will to acknowledge a problem, there can be no solving done.

In order to make sure that the couple is on the right track, the marriage counseling has to be initiated, either by one of the members on the couple or by an external source. Therefore, friends might come in handy, aiding the two to solve their issues, to come to a certain conclusion and to keep on the right track in solving it. A counselor might uncover and might pose questions in such a manner as to help the two make up, try to men, but at the same time, when one of the members is dishonest and the other one is not willing to collaborate, the problem will not be solved.

In reality, a couple that has went so far as to use the services of a counseling agency is half on the way to having solved the problems at hand. The fact is that they were just looking for someone to keep an eye on them and to help them realize what the problems were. So, without a question, the marriage counseling is capable of only helping those that have already accepted that they need to solve a problem. Those that don’t want to solve their problems will rarely even consider the possibility of arbitrage, so, the people most in need of such services will not be the ones to actually get them.

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