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Pink Tattoos – a Symbol of Cancer Awareness

Posted by rafael on April 29, 2012 in Lifestyle

Tattoos have been popular for many centuries. They were used as identification marks to represent membership in a group or culture. In the modern times, most people apply tattoos on their body for different purposes like self expressions, in memory of beloved ones, promoting one’s belief and symbolize important events. They are applied on skin using a special machine called tattoo machine that contain a tattoo needle for holding the ink. The designs can be many and can be drawn with a variety of colors.

Pink tattoos symbolize breast cancer awareness. The color was recognized for the designation in the year 1991. Women wore these tattoos to show their support for those who have suffered from the disease. Pink ribbon tattoos are also applied by affected or cured women in order to spread awareness about the preventive measures. Different styles of pink tattoos are known which include Mosaic, pinned and memoriam tattoos. A mosaic pink tattoo represents a huge number of women suffering from breast cancer.

Pink Tattoos – a Symbol of Cancer Awareness

Pink Tattoos – a Symbol of Cancer Awareness

Portraying a large ribbon out of a many small pink ribbons appear as just a single pink ribbon to the person looking from far. But when viewed closer, he/she will see the smaller ribbons revealing the point of how many women are suffering the disease. Some people pin pink ribbons on their dress showing their support for the sufferers. Instead of this, one can have the artist to include the pinned ribbon image to make a more realistic tattoo design.

There are millions of women who have passed away out of breast cancer and you may know one or more among them. So, you can show the struggles they have encountered in their life by tattooing their image in the design. Their name can also be printed on the ribbon and enhance the lettering with dark colors to highlight their names.

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